Yesterday morning I had the honor of having Senator Max Cleland speak on behalf of my campaign against Tom Tancredo. I want to share with you what I had to say after he spoke:

It's a real honor to be introduced today by somebody like Senator Max Cleland, who has given so much to his Country over and over and over again. And to me Senator Cleland stands out as an example of both what is good--and in some senses, what is wrong--about our Country right now.  

Senator Cleland has given so much in service to his Country, and yet when he tried to serve his home state of Georgia, what did they come out and do? They accused him of not being patriotic. And I think that speaks to what is wrong with America today. We have more people trying to divide us than trying to unite us, and we need to get back to where we're trying to be united as a Nation again.

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Devout Democrats

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Here in North Carolina, Republicans have made a lot of hay convincing religious voters that an agenda of mismanaged military invasions, tax cuts for the most wealthy elite and rollbacks of environmental protection is somehow the platform that Jesus would support. Some Democrats have let them get away with it, but now we're fighting back with a group called Devout Democrats.

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Poll: What is the religious affiliation of MyDD readers?

Prompted by Matt's poll to get a snapshot of MyDD's racial profile, I thought it would be interested to see the religious inclinations of MyDD readers.

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Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth And Religion

It is the duty of all religions and beliefs and the duty of those who have no religion to respect this planet and cherish its gifts. It is a human duty.

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Faithful Democrats

We've just launched a new website -- -- that is devoted to creating a community of politically progressive people of faith.  We have faith leaders talking about politics, political leaders talking about their faith, a variety of writers talking about all sorts of topics, and, most importantly, reader-created content to create discussion.

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