"Foxy" Edwards: Not A "Godless" Liberal

John Edwards is just not your average tone-deaf, pandering politician with the common sense of a goldfish, like the so-called leaders we've become accustomed to.  He's truly a liberal.   But liberal does not mean you have to be "Godless."
First, the News:

  1. In yet another first, Edwards decided NOT to participate in the skeet shoot debate being hosted by FOX News in Nevada.

  2. Edwards directly links Jesus to the central themes of his campaign, saying Christ "would be appalled" that we "resort to war when it's not necessary," and ignore "the plight of those around us who are suffering."
Wondering where all those disenfranchised Christian voters might turn when the dust settles between the exasperated fiscal conservatives and imperial neo-conservatives as they fight over the hard-core Coulterites in the GOP?

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The West Needs a Spiritual Surge

The spell of the Enlightenment so profoundly distracts many Western opinion makers that the worldwide rise of religion is either ignored or it is viewed as major threat rather than an important source for the re-moralization of society. True, many observers have noted, especially after September 11, that the rise of a religiously ferocious Islam is not limited to the Arab world, but is very much in evidence in all Muslim nations from Indonesia to Turkey. But few have paid mind to the importance of the crowded churches in former communist countries in Eastern Europe and Russia; to the many scores of millions who are finding religion in China; and to the rapidly growing followings of a variety of religious denominations, cults and sects all over the world.

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RELIGION, the 800 pound gorilla in Iraq

NOTE: This is taken from a talk on the history of church and state relationships that I gave on January 22nd at Ventura's E P Foster Library. Feel free to repost it on your favorite blogsite.
-Credo Absurdum

I'd like to take a moment to talk about the current situation in Iraq because I think it has some bearing on the subject at hand. You can argue about it but this is my interpretation and it's one I haven't heard from any of the talking heads on network news. One of the Bush Administration's major, if at first unstated, goals of the invasion was an ambitious attempt to remake the political equation in the Middle East by imposing democracy, by force, on Iraq. It can be argued that this has been achieved. The turnout for the Iraqi elections was very high and the presence of foreign observers ensured the results by and large accurately reflected the will of the voters.

So Bush got his wish, and that's too bad, because the law of unintended consequences came into effect. There was something the president and his advisers had failed to take into consideration in their plans because they didn't understand the importance of it in their own country. And that is just how crucial it is to keep religion separate from politics. Oh, it's always been there in American politics to a certain extent. After all, no politician who wants to get elected is going to say that he thinks faith in God is unimportant but, until recently, no party ever promoted the idea that theirs was the more God-fearing party and that their platform reflected God's will and the other party's did not.

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Adios Amanda: Why Brian O'Dwyer is Angry (and me too)

Scott Shields recently asked you readers of MyDD as to why Brian O'Dwyer is angry re the recent Amanda Marcotte/Edwards blogging fiasco.  I googled "Amanda Marcotte", saw the post, read it and decided to join MyDD.  So hi everybody.

I'll be upfront.  I'm not a liberal or a progressive.  I'm a moderate.  I'm not a Democrat.  I'm an independent.  I'm also a Catholic.  Just like Brian O'Dwyer, who, also like me, is of Irish descent.

I believe that a woman has a right to an abortion, although I'm not much for partial birth abortion.  I was once fuzzy on gay marriage, but when it came down to it...I proudly voted against the proposed state constitutional amendment banning gay marriage here in Virginia.  Unfortunately it passed.  I also was horrified by the pedophelia scandals.  And they had nothing to do with homosexuality or liberal bishops as people like Rick Santorum would tell you.  Oh, and I think Bill Donohue is a pompous bigoted blowhard.  You see, I'm able to disagree with the faith that I was raised.  OK?

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Religion in the Big Tent

As has been widely documentedelsewhere, the Catholic League's William Dononhue holds opinions that would make good right-wing blog copy had he a more clever way with words. I can't quite get over the fact that is a man who blames Mel Gibson's anti-semiticisms on him being liquored up, Michael Richards' racial outbursts on him being upset, and Isaiah Washington's anti-gay slurs on him being ticked off -- in the very statement he puts out as a condemnation of bigotry. As for Edwards, well, people who he hired then hired Amanda Marcotte, and he no choice than to stand by her. A decent boss doesn't fire a new employee for something that he should have known about her all along -- in fact, the very thing he brought her into his employ to do. It's not as if Amanda had little boys squirreled away in a closet somewhere. These were her public writings posted on the Internet and signed with her very name. For my money, I would have preferred Edwards had gone with a simple "I hired her. I'm okay with it. Move on." But at least he seemed to understand that he was the target of a political hit by a political actor, did a decent job defending himself.

That said (here it comes), Amanda of course has all the freedom in the world to write every last hot, white, sticky word she posted. God bless America! But to then claim 'hey, just kidding, -- it was never anyone's intention to "malign anyone's faith"' seems to me an unfortunate dodge. Bigot is an ugly word. And it's absurd to claim to know that Amanda is anti-Catholic deep within her soul because of a few blog posts. But in her writings she certainly warmly embraced the tactic of mocking that faith. To pretend otherwise is to run away from a nut that does need to be cracked at some point: have we made the Democratic tent big enough to welcome religious activists without constantly snickering behind their backs? Right now we're seeing more and more American Christians connecting the dots between global warming and being stewards of the earth. Right on and keep it coming. Whether someone really thinks that they're eating the body and blood of their messiah is far, far less a concern to me than whether they walk the walk of a social teaching that condemns inequality and champions justice.


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