Faith By Any Other Name

    It is amazing to me how so-called Christians can with good conscience question the sincerity of another Christians faith. Time magazine did an article on the Church going habits and faith of the Democratic candidates. It appears that the MSM continues to play into the hands of the right wing by questioning the veracity of the candidate's commitment to their faith.

    Why was this article even written except to cast aspersions upon the candidates, causing it to appear that they are pandering to other Christians who in the past have voted overwhelmingly for the Republicans. Those Christians that have voted overwhelmingly for Republicans are so-called right wing conservatives. The MSM seems to believe that the only "real" Christians in this country are those Christians who identify with these groups.

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Pope Spanks 'Bad Tony'

For his final trip abroad as Prime Minister, Tony Blair had one small wish. He wanted the Pope's blessing to become a Catholic.

Not so fast, Tony m'boy. You got some repentin' to do.

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PBS airs religious right's "Wall of Separation

(cross posted at dailykos last Friday)

A recent diary warned us about this Christian Right's Falsified History, and asked us to try to get PBS to cancel it.

This rubbed me the wrong way since it was asking us to boycott that which we hadn't even seen.  So, I searched for the program, which wasn't easy, since it wasn't on any of my cable channels.  It was only available on HDTV, which by luck I can pick up on my little rabbit ear antenna.  But with no TIVO to record it,  I would have to take notes and use my digital camera to capture key excerpts.  I have  now viewed it carefully three times--including  getting up this morning at 4:30 to capture a key segment for the readers here. 

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Crashing the Pews: One Way to Move On

Yes, this post will be about church, but it's not what you think. Inspired by the recent discussion about "What's Next" in the movement for progressive values, I wanted to share about the work I am doing to make the United Methodist Church a more inclusive and progressive place.

Before all the non-religious folks bolt, let me say that this isn't another post about what it means to be a "Faithful Democrat"--this is about being fully involved in an organization, running for leadership, and using the power of integrity, trust, and respectful listening to influence people's beliefs toward a progressive point of view.

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Religious Zeal in the Justice Dept. Impacts Civil Rights

Weekly Voting Rights News Update

This an entry in a series of blogs to keep people informed on current election reform and voting rights issues in the news.

Featured Story of the Week:

Justice Dept. Reshapes Its Civil Rights Mission - New York Times

"The shift at the Justice Department has significantly altered the government's civil rights mission," in favor of religion rather than race, the New York Times reported Thursday.

The Civil Right Division had dramatically reduced "the complex lawsuits that challenge voting plans that might dilute the strength of black voters." Early this year, only one such case had been initiated "compared with eight in a comparable period in the Clinton administration."

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