Who is More Religious?

Religion has become a sizable factor in U.S. elections, particularly in the Republican nomination, where the religious right holds tremendous influence on who will represent the Party and its platform. Today, it is almost impossible for an atheist or an agnostic to get elected and religion plays an important role on many important social issues such as abortion and gay marriage and to a lesser extent, global warming.

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Security First: What Others Say

There seems to be some interest in my new book Security First; frankly it is doing better than several of my other endeavors. But never mind what I think. Here are excerpts from what others say, and links to their full texts.

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An (R) next to your name does not mean "Religious"

James Dobson, the head of the radio program Focus on the Family, reasoned a few months ago that Vice President of the National Association for Evangelicals Rich Cizik's concern over climate change is working "to shift the emphasis away from the great moral issues of our time, notably the sanctity of human life, the integrity of marriage and the teaching of sexual abstinence and morality to our children." Cizik is a religious leader in our country stepping forward to question how we are treating the resources given to us by God, and he is asked to resign his position for it.  In Dobson, we once again have a prime example of a very visible man, claiming to act in the interests of the Bible, shamelessly playing partisan politics with something we hold very dear to our hearts: our spiritual beliefs.

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Let's Take It Back!

There are many things the GOP has either trumpeted, co-opted, been inadvertently given, or outright stolen during the past 15 years: terms of language, ideologies and philosophies, even tangible things. These things are either now found to be somewhat (and that's being nice) lacking in the GOP; some are even blatantly contradictory. As a Democrat, and actually as an AMERICAN, I say, LET'S TAKE THEM BACK!

I'll start with the somewhat obvious things and go from there; feel free to add to the list.

The Constitution, in all its glory: Let's TAKE IT BACK!

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The Newest GOP Savior

This should come as no surprise, with the choice between "pygmies" the GOP is now looking for its savior de jour.  Romney was supposed to be the savior, but he's too phoney.  Guiliani is well, too Guiliani, and Thompson is apparently either too dumb, too liberal (he was a lobbyist for abortion rights) or not a good enough fundraiser.  The other candidates are just plain crazy.

With the GOP banner in tatters, and the best candidate (Schwarzeneger) being constitutionally unavailable to run, the only place for conservatives to go is outside of the party.  Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the latest GOP savior:

Joseph Lieberman.

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