Net Neutrality and Free Markets

The entire Net Neutrality concept is ridiculous. What it is is this: proposed government regulation of the Intenet, particular service pricing.

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Will Political Appointees at FDA Overrule a Panel of Experts and Increase Cefepime Resistance?

In the midst of all the politics, we shouldn't lose sight of what government is really for: governing.  Take the following post in this spirit.

A few weeks ago, an FDA expert panel by a vote of 6-4 decided against the approval of the use of the antibiotic cefquinome in cattle.  Unfortunately, I've heard through the grapevine that the political appointees at the FDA plan to overrule the expert panel and approve the use of cefquinome.  The chairman of the panel is under pressure to alter the panel's findings, and the FDA has not posted the minutes of the meeting, which is apparently required by law.

About the post title:  cefepime, like cefquinome, is what is known as a fourth-generation cephalosporin antibiotic.  While cefquinome is not used to treat people, resistance to cefquinome can also confer resistance to cefepime which is a medically important antibiotic.

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