KARMA: Revenge On Jeb Bush

Anyone smart enough to look beyond our corporate-controlled mainstream media  (such as the famous investigative journalist Greg Palast, see GregPalast.com) will learn of Florida Governor Jeb Bush's criminal malfeasance perpetrated prior to his brother George W. Bush's 2000 Presidential election. The Governor had close friends in high places at a company called DBT Technologies, which was acquired by Choicepoint Software, a company specializing in identity record searches. Jeb Bush and Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris fraudulently created a way to go beyond Florida voting laws simply preventing Florida felons from voting, and catching as many Democratic voters in their web of ineligibles, as possible. With five million dollars of Florida taxpayer money, they purchased a flawed Florida felons list, which DBT had warned as containing tens of thousands of perfectly legal Floridians without felony records. Why did the Governor and the Secretary of State go ahead and purchase this flawed list? The answer lies in WHO was incorrectly placed on the list. The list contained black, low-income individuals - a Democrat-voting demographic.   With this seven-year-old history lesson in mind, and remembering that Bush defeated Gore by such a slim margin - the Supreme Court's upheld number of winning Bush votes was 536 - Jeb's voter fraud had world changing consequences, and I wholeheartedly agree, left our world in a much worse off.  

I am not "going-out-on-a-limb" in believing that had Gore won, there would be around 150,000 Iraqi civilians, including many women and children, living out their lives as they should be doing. This is also the case for 3,000 American servicemen and women. Furthermore, knowing what little I know about Al Gore, I have to believe that he may have responded instead of ignoring the worst humanitarian crisis since the Rwanda Genocide of the early nineties - the Darfur Genocide occurring since 2003, thereby preventing the needless deaths of  hundred of thousands of innocent civilians. This crisis our good Christian President George W. Bush does not seem to interested in since there is not a strong financial incentive such as stealing oil for Exxon and Chevron.   There are plenty of other calamities because of Jeb's fraud - environ ntal regulation unraveling leading to breathing more polluted air and global warming, tax breaks for the ultra-rich at the expense of the middle class, American jobs being sent overseas, destruction of rights under the US Constitution, etc.- but some higher power must have sent a lot of Karma Jeb's way!  

Jeb's brother's unbelievably poor performance and low approval rating have virtually destroyed any hopes Jeb (or his son who is an aspiring politician) may have had, including the chance that Jeb may have had running for President. During Jeb's recent Gubnatoreal retirement ceremony, his father, Bush 41 was seen weeping. Was he weeping that his son was retiring after serving the State of Florida for so long, or because he knows that his foolish son has destroyed the Bush family legacy, and rendered favorite son Jeb politically impotent? While we may never know the answer, one thing is for certain - HEY JEB, WHAT COMES AROUND GOES AROUND!

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For some of us, it's not over - part 3

For obvious reasons, the following is offered without further comment:

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For some of us, it's not over - part 2

Election recount.

I first wrote about this here

For over two years I've been working on the campaign of Monica Penrose for Prosecuting Attorney of Johnson County, Missouri.

The unofficial results released at approximately 1:00 a.m. on Wednesday, November 9th had Monica Penrose down 45 votes out of almost 15,000 cast. The incumbent Democratic County Auditor, Kay Dolan, was down 3 votes to her challenger. Both margins are well within the 1% margin for a recount. We were not provided the totals for Warrensburg Southeast 1 and Pittsville precincts at that time. The precinct by precinct totals to that point were taken off the county website some time in the morning on November 9th....

There will be recounts for both contests....

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OH-15: Pryce (R) by 1,054 Over Kilroy (D); Recount Pending

The Columbus Dispatch is reporting that incumbent Deborah Pryce (R-Upper Arlington, OH) has eked out a 1,054 vote victory over challenger Mary Jo Kilroy (D-Coumbus, OH), according to final results announced this morning. Pryce had led by about 3,500 votes before the final count, which included about 20,000 votes not previously tallied, mostly absentee and provisional ballots.

Ohio law provides for an automatic recount when the margin of victory is less than one-half of one percent of votes cast, and this margin qualifies. The party requesting the recount must pay the cost, expected to be about $21,000 in this instance. The Kilroy campaign has made no announcement, but I expect them to pony up and ask for the recount.

Update [2006-11-27 11:6:4 by Jeff Coryell]: My mistake -- an automatic recount requires no payment by the losing party. The recount definitely will happen. More here.

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WY-AL recount would cost $11,500 - DCCC should pay

According to the AP:

Under state law, Trauner must ask for a recount no later than Friday. The recount would be conducted in all 23 counties, and Trauner would have to pay up to $500 per county for the cost of the recount. He would not be liable for the costs if the recount found "sufficient error to change the result of the election."

The State Canvassing Board, made up of four of Wyoming's top elected officials, certified the results Wednesday. While the race remained very close, it fell 79 votes short of triggering an automatic recount, Secretary of State Joe Meyer said.

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