For some of us, it's not over

For over two years I've been working on the campaign of Monica Penrose for Prosecuting Attorney of Johnson County, Missouri.

The unofficial results released at approximately 1:00 a.m. on Wednesday, November 9th had Monica Penrose down 45 votes out of almost 15,000 cast. The incumbent Democratic County Auditor, Kay Dolan, was down 3 votes to her challenger. Both margins are well within the 1% margin for a recount. We were not provided the totals for Warrensburg Southeast 1 and Pittsville precincts at that time. The precinct by precinct totals to that point were taken off the county website some time in the morning on November 9th.

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VA Recount Not to Be?

If the margin is less than 1% the losing candidate gets to request a recount.

My calculations have the margin to be around .98%.

Webb is up by over 11,000 votes.  Allen is a VERY sore loser if a recount is requested.  Would seem to me this would just be another republican ploy to delay the advancement of our nation.

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Bryan DEMocracy

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Lopez Obrador Leads in Recount of Election!

Bumped from the diaries -- Jonathan. Consider this an open thread on the Mexican election, foreign elections in general or Latin American politics.

According to Mexican Newspaper Universal with 80% of the votes recounted AMLO (Lopez Obrador) now leads Calderon 36.69% to 34.67%

I am afraid I can't read Spanish very well so I won't know much else until my Mexican husband gets home- but since this is getting no press as far as I can tell in the American press I thought people might want to know this exciting news!

If any of you know more please add info in the comments.

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