Sarah Palin so scary.. A handmaid's

I am writing this diary, mostly quoting another sorce because of the mind numbingly cluelessness of a few bloggers who still insist Palin bashing is a worthy use of the internets.

I agree with Palin on not much, however the way she was treated and spoken about during the election, by democrats and the media (democrats) was an embarrassment and doubly so when it was women doing the bashing.

And because one woman here said the other day that Palin would bring about "a handmaids tale" in real life, I figure I would post this and hope people will buy a clue.  Not that I expect anyone to vote for her.  
The results I hope for would be that the clueless arrogant left wouldn't continue to be as bad as the clueless arrogant right.

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The age of reason... Part 1, the Kushans

There is an excellent diary by Canadian Girl on the girls of Afghanistan who were recently attacked by the Taliban, while they were on the way to school.

This diary is noteworthy (I liked it, and so I recommended it), but it also became somewhat controversial in the comments.  In the comments, it was argued that any criticism of human rights violation in the Muslim world is akin to furthering Zionist propaganda.

While reading the comments, I had a feeling that I was reading not the comments themselves, but a deeper underlying problem.  And that underlying problem is that the Muslim world is today seen as (correctly, in my opinion) being somewhat antiquated, with nary a trace of modernity in their thinking.  This impression is then extrapolated to (incorrectly, in my opinion) that the Muslim world is incapable of modern thinking, and that they (the Muslim world) will consequently always be a mess.

We all know that Islam has had a great history, and that it ushered in modern thinking.  Where did all that go ?  Why did all that transcend into the modern day mess that we now have.

I would like to visit that question by visiting the age of reason.  In our history, there have been many examples of civilizations that have been so far advanced that they would put the most "modern" society of our present era to shame.  And yet these civilizations have declined, and been replaced by barbarism.  The transition from modernity to barbarism, and back to modernity offers clues to the predicament faced by the modern Muslim world.

And so, today, I would like to visit a pre-Islamic society founded on lands inhabited by Muslims today.  The land is Central Asia...the mountainous region where the Hindu Kush mountains and the Himalayas converge.  The empire was built around a dynasty of Kings called the Kushans. You may recognize it as modern day Afghanistan, along with other "Stans" (Pakistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan).  Their capital was Bagram (in Afghanistan, where the US now has an Air Force base), Taxila (sometimes known as Purushpura, which is modern day Peshawar) and Mathura (in India).

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A gift from two friends.

This is about my friends, how amazing they are to me.  

My new friend:

I recently posted about a community whose rights are routinely ignored, stripped and abused.  I took a risk in writing it because I know very little about the community.  I spoke about what I do know; about my belief that the law works for everyone or it works for no one.  I have no friends, no family, no coworkers in this group of people.  Yet, as a human being, a father and a citizen I have reached a point where I can no longer sit by while others are bullied simply because they are different and fewer in numbers.  So, I spoke out from my heart that how we the large groups treat the smaller, how the strong treat the weak yields a foul harvest for all of us. 

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Barack's Baby Deception: The Sequel!

I'm becoming a one-trick-pony here, but I can't resist this follow-up to yesterday's expose on Barack's ingenious plans to dominate the world from the womb! (Okay pre-womb, but who's paying attention?)

Today, Reason's own delightful Dave Weigel digs in with his column, More Fun With the Dumbest People on the Internet tml

It's been a while since I suited up and dumpster-dived in the Obama conspiracyverse. In my absence, I reckon that the average IQ there has dipped by 20-25 points. Take this latest revelation from Larry "Whitey Tape" Johnson.

   Republican operatives, with help from their own island backers, have unearthed critical information on Obama and are just biding their time until after the convention to drop it on him. Such as? Having a birth certificate that lists you as Barry Soetoro.

Incredible! Ann Dunham met her second husband, Lolo Soetoro in 1966, in Hawaii. "Barry" Obama was, at this time, five years old. The only reasonable explanation is that Dunham and Soetoro built (or purchased) a Genesis Device to clone a new son, using DNA from Barack Obama Sr. that Dunham had pulled off one of his combs.

Seriously. The "evidence" for Johnson's claim is the now-familiar murmurings of "sources" and GOP "operatives" (who appear in these things quicker than agents of H.Y.D.R.A.) and the fact--not reported in too many places, but never disputed--that when Lolo Soetoro became his adoptive father, the young Barack was enrolled in school as "Barack Soetoro."

Dave does us the favor of contextualizing this outrage within the political sphere - after the bump:

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The Assault on Reason By Al Gore: A Manifesto for Democracy

The Assault on Reason, by the Honorable Al Gore is to be released by Penguin Press on May 22 which is in about three weeks. It is reported to be about the difficulty politics has with making decisions based on facts and reason, and using this current regime as the prime example of corruption, fear mongering, and the assault on reason that seeks to bind the soul in perpetual servitude to those interests that represent the antithesis of all our Constitution stands for.

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