A lot on the line

I am a 41 year old politically active man but never before have I felt that the decisions that are made at the ballot box this year have this much relevance to my own personal situation. Being a late bloomer on both the kid and real estate waves, I am now deep into the diapers, not enough sleep, how are we going to afford a bigger house phase of life (the last part of the equation is particularly acute as I live in NYC).

Last week, in the midst of all the insanity, I closed on a house in Brooklyn. I felt like (and may actually have been) the only person closing on a house as the stock market plunged and credit ground to a halt. While I am confident of remaining employed and being able to make my mortgage payments, the enormity of my decision combined with the economic crisis and the impending birth of my second child, has left me on pins and needles as the election nears.

Like most everyone here I am hopeful, given the course of the last few weeks, that Obama is going to win the election and that the Democrats are going to increase their congressional majorities. But I am still struck by how much I personally have riding on it (and therefore, by extension, how much millions of others have riding on it as well). Will this crisis bankrupt me and my family? will my children know a better standard of living that I have?

Every election it seems like we are told this is the most important one ever. I have often found this to be a trite, hallow threat. But is there any doubt that this year this is spot on. I am sorry to make it sound like it is only because I have additional responsibilities that I care so much about the election, but the enormity of my decisions and the fragility of the economy make it impossible for me to separate the personal from the political this year.

We need a steady hand at the wheel right now and Barack Obama has totally crushed John McCain at demonstrating the temperment, the sensitivity and the strength that is needed in the next (44!) president. Lets get it done people. Give, volunteer, talk, email, cajole, persuade and march to victory on November 4th!

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