Where's Junior: On Racism

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I wrote briefly over at Mid-Term Madness about Republican incumbent Senator George Allen's recent racist remarks towards a young man with dark skin.  Apparently, in Allen's world, everyone who is darker than Beige number 5 is not really an American.  To make matters worse, the term was actually French slang and, drum roll, Mr. Allen has a French Tunisian mother.  So he knew full well what he was saying and what it referred to.  He just thought he was sly enough for the entire world not to know.

As the events continue to unfold - and I'm still not positive that the use of a racial slur will hurt him among some of the Republican base in Virginia - it's dawned on me that this is actually becoming a trend in Republican circles.

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Rep. Norwood, R-NC, uber racist

On Tim Russert, Norwood said the following:

1-illegal aliens are like "bank robbers."
2-they do not pay taxes because they "claim 12-13 dependents" in the tax forms.
3-"3 million Mexican babies born here."

I just wrote the representative's words and I apologize in advance on any transcribing errors; the essence is definetely 100% accurate. Where is the outrage? Does anyone need any spelling out why the above is racist?  This is quite shocking and does represent the modern strain of republicanism.  

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