I wanted to post this diary because I think that things this evening have gone a bit off the deep end from both sides of the party, including some comments from myself. While I certainly understand disagreements regarding both canidiates past and policy positions, the whole "she's a liar...he's a liar" bit has gone a bit too far at least for this evening. I have been apart of this train as well, and to show my regret for that, I have unrec'd TexasDarlin's diary. There's some stuff on there that is just as inapropriate as some of the stuff that is hurled at Hillary throughout the primaries from both sides of the fence, and this stuff needs to stop. While I don't know that I will be supporting Obama if he were to win the nomination, I don't think rhetoric from either side like I've been using, or other people have been using, is appropriate. We're better than this, and I think it's fair to say that we all get caught up in the heat of the battle, so I'd like to offer my apology to Obama supporters for some of my actions this evening.

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A Critical Analysis of Obama's Speech on Race and Politics

Regardless of what you may personally think of Barack Obama, there is no denying that there has not been a speech on race made by a politician of his stature in the last generation such as that which the senator delivered today.  Whatever else he may have brought to the election, today in Philadelphia, Barack Obama opened up a dialog on race in this country at a level not yet seen in modern U.S. politics.  My one concern is that the speech may have run too long; it clocks in at nearly 40 minutes.

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The Race Card: Were We "Hoodwinked"?

It's time to stop pretending that Obama did not use the race card. He did, in South Carolina. When someone yesterday said that Obama did use the race card, one of his supporters denied it, saying it was "untruth." Well it is time to reveal the truth, and the truth is: He did it. The magnitude and gravity in using this card is that, it can very well ruin his political career. Noble African Americans across the country are angry and reasonably concerned about whether the Clinton's used the race card. The way that the media (and to an extent the Obama Campaign) painted it, it looked like "the Clintons" were ceding the black vote to him and trying to paint him as the black candidate. But, I have thought about it and have failed to see how the "strategy" ever made sense, or if ever such a strategy was used. To me, it felt like the media was playing mind games (don't we already know that Obama is half-black?, Wasn't he already getting large portions of the black vote?)It's time to reveal that it was in fact, not the Clintons playing the card, but the Obama Campaign.

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Hillary Supporters' Use of Questionable Sources on MyDD

Is it that hard to come up with good arguments in support of Hillary Clinton?  

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whom did Obama dismiss for making racist comments

disclaimer: I am a Hillary supporter

I find it absolutely despicable that Obama is still milking this drug thing. Hillary has said sorry, she has dismissed the campaign manager and has moved on. I think its time for Obama to own up to racist material he has distributed as part of Punjab-D slander. I just forwarded the document to indian american center for political awareness. he is milking it so hard that I am just tired. he is racist, and has not dismissed anyone for this crap. I hope Indian american community rises up and votes against him.

here is punjab-D memo that Obama distributed to everyone. Notice the language he uses to slander the indian american community. I am sure Biden was forced to own up to his racist remarks today. I want Obama to take the same action and dismiss someone, or dont we dismiss someone unless they make a statement against black community here in US? why the double standards? f/politics/memo1.pdf

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