SEIU Faces Protests by Puerto Rican Teachers, Parents, Schoolchildren

Attendees of the SEIU Convention in Puerto Rico are facing a protest encampment and multiple pickets by Puerto Rican teachers, parents and schoolchildren, furious at Andy Stern and his  North American union for their efforts to bust a historic strike and take over the independent Puerto Rican Teachers Union (FMPR--Fdederacion de Maestros de Puerto Rico).  

Labor Notes is on the scene:

 The Puerto Rican convention center hosting the Service Employees International Union's big confab is kind of an eerie cross between Superman's Fortress of Solitude and a prison in some isolated part of rural California. The entire complex was fenced in or gated off, with police and security guards posted at every entrance.  Apparently the looming threat is the Puerto Rican teachers, whose union is known by its Spanish acronym FMPR. About 100 teachers gathered outside the convention center Saturday morning to protest SEIU's raid on their union (read the full story from the February Labor Notes). In January the FMPR was decertified by the Puerto Rican government for authorizing a strike. The decertification coincided with SEIU's announcement that they were affiliating a rival teacher union and making plans to scoop up Puerto Rico's 40,000 teachers.

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Thank You Puerto Rico!

I love writing titles like this one.  Seems over the past few months I've been writing this more often than not regarding one fabulous win or another of Hillary's. And that's all thanks to our amazing candidate and her cracker-jack team of staff and volunteers who hit the ground hard in each state and don't let up until they've reached out to every last voter.

Now as you might have heard, Hillary's picked up another huge win and added to her lead in the popular vote thanks to the good people of Puerto Rico.  Despite the shouts and hollering that this thing is over - despite the huge efforts of people to push Hillary aside, the good people of Puerto Rico turned out today and said in no uncertain terms that they choose her as our next leader.

Nearly a 39% lead - that's nothing to sneeze at folks and it's right up there with her 40 point win in WV and her 35% (?) win in KY.

Those voters in Puerto Rico have now joined the 17 million American's who've turned out to support Hillary and her historic run for the White House.  That's a pretty awesome number you guys - 17 million people... that's more votes than any other candidate has gotten - ever

Her 17 million supporters are the focus of Hillary's latest campaign ad - check it out...

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Puerto Rico Results Thread

From CNN:

Hillary Clinton: 68 percent (257,331 votes)
Barack Obama: 32 percent (118,972 votes)

With 98% of precincts reporting a/o 7:56 PM Eastern

Update [2008-6-1 18:11:38 by Todd Beeton]:Looks like some pretty pitiful turnout here today but it does look like Hillary will net at least 100,000 votes.

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We Puerto Ricans are ready for McClinton !

I just received three emails from three different Latino national organization umbrella alliances in the last 24 hours. We are in complete coordination with four major national organizations. Namely:
" Clinton supporters Count too" org with headquarters in Ohio.
( pre-launched last May with over 16,000 sign-ups already even before the official lunch upon Clinton's concesstion.)

" McClinton Democrats for John McCain" org with headquarters in Malcomb County, Michigan ( will officially lunch 72 hours upon Clinton's concession speach. will release & recruit until Clinton officially drops out of the race. Reportedly already has 11,000 organizers spread over MI,PA,MO,NJ,OH,WV &^ NH)

" United Latino Clinton Democrats" currently only open activists, organizers & elected officials until the official Clinton withdrawal. Currently has 19,000 on email. Upon withdrawal, will be open to all Latino Democrats)

" United Asian Pacific-Americans democrats John McCain '08" headquarted in Bergen County, NJ for the Eastcoast & Seattle, Washington for the West Coast. ( pre-launch status. only open to Asian & Pacific Islander activists, elected officials, & organizers Until Clinton officials concedes the race. Then, it will immediately launch & be open all Asian Pacific Democrats." currently has 8,800 Asian organizers already signed-up )

All organizations above have vowed to go all out for All Democrats running for House, Senate, State, & local races.

It will have an official stand on the Presidency upon Clintons withdrawal.

As for Latinos, We Latino Clinton Democrats will wait until the last state primary ends. We then respectfully will notify Senora Clinton that she can either fully endorse Senor Obama immediately or she can take it all the way to Denver.
Whatever she decides to do, we will support her 100%

However, 19,000 Latino activists  from 11 key battleground states representing  community organizers, street activists, elected councilors, elected city, county & state latinos, who are all part of our email network will take a monumental vote.

Upon voting, we will open it to all rank & file latino democrats for Clinton.

We will vote within 7 business days of a Clinton endorsement of Obama. Or we will at the same moment as Denver.  

There is only have 3 options for the 41,000 Clintonista leaders.

1) Support all democratic candidates from local, state & federal but vote for Senador John McCain for President.

2) Support all democratic candidates except abstain at the presidential level.

3) Support all democratic candidate but leave the Presidential ballot up to its members.

The 1st voting last May 19 had 63% for option 1, 31% for option 2, and the 4% for option 3. While 2% put "other".

The united unmbrella organizers predicted that 6.5 to 9 million registered democrats will either vote for McCain or not vote for President at all. It would represent 30% to 40% of Democrats who voted for Clinton in the primary.

This is real folks. Real Democrats who will Not Allow the railroading of the democratic process. We have the power! Not the RBC!

Stay tuned!

This united " Clintonistas of all stripes" will surpass the Reagan democrats of the 80's.

Viva Clinton ! Viva Democrats for Clinton!

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BREAKING: Hillary wins Puerto Rico by a WIDE Margin


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