Hillary misspeaks in Puerto Rico

I'm not a very good writer. I'll try my best to get my point across.

I was born and raised in Puerto Rico and have lived 12 years now in New York City. I've been on the island because of work for 2 months now. I am speaking as 1 Puertorrican. I don't pretend to speak for an entire island. That being said, I do have insight on what's happening on the ground and how the primary is shaping up.

Turnout is expected to be low. The polling places were cut in half because of lack of volunteers and enthusiasm. This is not good news for the Clinton, obviously.
That being said, things are close but I expect Hillary to prevail by a small margin.

Link to local newspapers :




For those interested their is a great diary over at DailyKos:

http://www.dailykos.com/story/2008/5/24/ 104947/076/361/521370

It's from an Obama supporter but it provides good info on both candidates.

Now to the purpose of this diary.

Hillary misspoke yet again in an interview with a local station yesterday. I was going to write a diary from my point of view and Hillary's blunder in her interview yesterday in Puerto Rico but I found that Obama for PR over at Daily Kos explained it better than I ever could.

Quote :

Yesterday, the second part of the interview Hillary gave to a local station aired. She was grilled by the reporters on her husband's actions towards Puerto Rico manufacturing during the 90's.  US companies that established here had tax-exempt status and could repatriate their earnings to the mainland without paying federal taxes, under Sec. 936 of the US Tax Code.  Sec. 936 had always been a major roadblock to statehood, because if PR were to be admitted as the 51st state, the other 50 states would not allow us to have that competitive advantage.  So in the 90's, our pro statehood Governor and his pro-statehood delegate in Congress mounted a huge campaign in Congress and the White House to have the 936 eliminated. And they succeeded.  When asked about it, Hillary says it was not her husband, but the Republican Congress that eliminated 936.  False.  The budget submitted by the WH did not contain Sec. 936, it was dead before it even made it to the Hill.  The net result: We have lost over 40,000 manufacturing jobs in the last 10 years (much like Ohio, Michigan, and other manufacturing powerhouses).

End of quote.

This is a very hot button issue in Puerto Rico. Many people lost jobs when Sec.936 was scratched. I know Hillary is not Bill but the fact that she would lie and say it was the Republican Congress who eliminated 936 is a joke. Everybody knows it was President Clinton. This is not helping her cause on the island.

Hillary knows her husband and one of her biggest supporters on the island (ex-Governor Rossello) were responsible for the death of 936. I have no idea why she didn't just distance herself from Bill (like CAFTA) and instead lied about how things went down. Puertorricans are not naive and can see  straight through the spin. This strengthens her position with the PNP (pro-statehood) group but completly negates any chance she has at getting votes from the PPD (pro-commonwealth).

The island is split almost 50/50 in support of either party.

(Obama has support from both parties)

Hillary should just come clean and admit it was a mistake by her husband's administration. She is going to be on the island until Monday so I expect her to clear this up. I am just surprised she would make such an obvious mistake in her first interview with the local press.

Video from the interview : http://www.wapa.tv/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=8508&Itemid=57&videonews=1

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Thanks To Hillary, Puerto Rico's Day Has Arrived

Today Hillary arrives in Puerto Rico.  The other campaign has already been there, first sending surrogates like Richardson, then Obama himself arrving on Friday.  But the Lady in the Pantsuit arrives today!  And none of this would have been possible if Hillary just quit as the other side, the establishment and the media continued their attacks to hand the election to their chosen , instead of the PEOPLE choosing their preferred candidate to be President.

And Puerto Rico has all eyes on them, because the Lady doesn't quit.  

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Buenos Dias, Hillary Democrats!

As Hillary Clinton heads to Puerto Rico, Newsweek has more good news for the Senator:  another poll showing that Hillary runs better against John McCain (48 to 44) nationally than Obama (tied at 46).

The remarkable thing about this and other General Election polls...is that Hillary still out-performs McCain and Obama even though the mainstream media is determined to make her disappear from the presidential contest.  Hillary has become the invisible candidate to the folks at MSNBC, ABC, NPR, FOX, NYT, and all those other compliant "news" operations, yet amazingingly she still does better than Obama against McCain when a pollster actually takes the time to include her in a survey.

On Friday, for example, Rasmussen published a new GE poll for the battleground state of Pennsylvania and offered this headline:  "Obama 45, McCain 43" BUT buried in the 7th paragraph of their report, Rasmussen mentions the third presidential candidate still in the race, Hillary Clinton:

In the unlikely event that Hillary Clinton wins the Democratic Presidential Nomination, she leads McCain in Pennsylvania by eleven percentage points, 50% to 39%.

You mean...in the "unlikely event" that the person who would blow out the Republican candidate in the swing state of Pennsylvania in the General Election -- the candidate whom you have declared invisible who happens to have won more popular votes than either of the other two candidates -- in the event that the Superdelegates vote for "that person" -- heads up! the Democrats might actually win the White House?!?

Gasp! Don't let the Party Elite hear about that!

Meanwhile...over at Electoral-Vote.com, Hillary again takes the blue ribbon.  Check out these numbers based on current polling:

Clinton v. McCain: 315 to 206  (HRC + 109)
McCain v. Obama: 272 to 242  (JM + 30)

Dang, that girl is electable.

On to Puerto Rico, baby!  Hillary will be arriving on the island today, and I hear that she's expected to draw huge and enthusiastic crowds.

So...in case you didn't get the message, Hillary Democrats, she's still in it to win it.
What are you waiting for?
Click on the phone, and get busy!

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Talking Heads (Media) Know Hillary Can Be The Nominee

It just dawned on me this morning as I was switching channels to get away from these talking heads on these Morning Shows. You do realize, they don't call them Morning News, because then they might acutally be expected to report NEWS as opposed to gracing us with their opinions and entertainment (if that's what you call it), however biased they may be.  Even they have come to realize the truth, that Hillary can become the Democratic nominee.

The talking heads went with the Obama theme that we were hearing for so many weeks by the Obama surrogates, asking Hillary to drop out of the Presidential campaign to turn it over to Obama, instead of him having to campaign and fight for the nomination, the night Hillary won Indiana.  A funny thing to do when someone wins a primary election and there are still so many more states yet to vote.

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Why Puerto Rico Matters So Much

To all the Latinos who have lived in this country for decades and centuries, please forgive this specific post focusing on Puertoriqueños. Dominicanos, Mejicanos, Cubanos, etc. also have lived in this country as long as many other Americans and are Americans who are here legally and have not broken any laws to get here, or while they live here as fellow Americans. So, about Puertoriqueños:

First off, Baseball would suck without decades of Puerto Rican players, Unions would be significantly less populated and strong, and a lot of left side politics would still be inchoate, IMHO, so the question of why Puerto Rico gets so many Democratic Party delegates surely must be rhetorical in nature...

But let's continue. They fight in the US' wars and serve in the military at very high percentages, because they are US citizens and brave and patriotic and contributing members of our Democracy.

They have for decades provided every natural resource of their island, including sweatshop labor in the States in the form of underpaid and ill treated people, at virtually no charge to US corporations who have polluted the environment and helped create a cyclical surge in STDs.

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