Dancing with the Stars (and Hillary)

Kristi Yamaguchi clearly danced the best throughout the season, she won most of the routines, got the highest scores, had the best technique and moves....but,

A woman had not won Dancing with the Stars since season 1.

The last 4 seasons - Men have won the trophy.

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Will the Candidates Debate Puerto Rico's Issues

Will the Democratic Presidential candidates debate the issues important to Puerto Rico?  Puerto Rican's hope so.  Univision extended an invitation with hopes the two candidates will.

Of course, Hillary Clinton immediately accepted Univision's invitation, as she has always tried to focus on the issues important to the people.  

Senator Obama has indicated he is aware that voters care about issues and has signaled that he is aware that Puerto Rico has unique concerns.  

Obama -- who along with rival Hillary Clinton stumped in Puerto Rico on this Memorial Day weekend before next week's Democratic primary -- vowed to help with issues ranging from new parking spaces for a veterans' hospital to ensuring that Puerto Ricans have a say over whether they participate in any future military drafts.

``I recognize that for all of you to be subject potentially to serving this country and not having a voice is a great concern,' Obama said

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Obama Turns to Lies and Attacks on Hillary For Counting Florida/Michigan Votes

This is the absolute lowest.  Senator Obama is resorting to lies, false claims and negative politics for wanting to COUNT PEOPLES VOTES.  

Obama is showing his desperation again, to take this low road again, in saying anything in an effort to try to demonize Senator Clinton for wanting to count peoples votes, and him, Senator Obama OBVIOUSLY NOT wanting to and blocking every effort to count Michigan and Florida-even their willingness to revote if he wanted to block their existing votes from counting.

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Final Three Primaries: an Overview

On the heels of the mason dixon poll showing Obama up 17 points in Montana, one might not consider that she has any chance in the upcoming primaries. However, since the campaign of the ESTEEMED senator from Illinois is turing to GE mode a bit prematurely, Senator Clinton may have an opening in the next couple primaries. A few thoughts:
           Puerto Rico: On paper this is a Clinton rout but Obama's considerable cash advantage may allow him to somewhat negate a possible Clinton landslide in the delegate count but not enough to allay a victory in the popular vote, the metric which her campaign is now focused on.

            Montana: Obama will win this independent minded state fairly easily but not by a large enough margin to merit a significant delegate split. This is one state, though, where the Clinton name may still be strong enough (in certain areas) to swing a considerable number of votes, though not on the scale of Arkansas or West Virginia.

            South Dakota: This is the one state that Clinton could potentially pull a come from behind victory in. Though this is one of the few primaries that Bill Clinton lost in 92
(to Bob Kerrey no less), the large number of undecideds that has manifested itself in the few polls taken in this state suggests that Clinton has the potential to score a popular vote victory, albeit a narrow one in this state. If she could pull this off, it would need to be considered a remarkable feat, considering that Daschle, JOhnson, and Herseth-Sandlin are backing Obama.

that is just my two cents worth but please share your opinions and comments regarding this analysis below. BTW, if you feel that I am an idiot, f****r, retard, or troll, there is no need to post your sentiments in the comments section because that would violate the standards of this blog. Thanks.

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Popular votes matter - My rant of the day

I'm just reposting my 2 comments that i made today. I believe these are enough to express my views.

(1)Till Obama officially received the nomination, I'll do my best for Clinton. And when that happens, then i'll do my best for Obama. As for now, the nomination is still going on. Tell me what do you think the narrative will be if 2 mil people showed up in Puerto Rico and Clinton won by 15 points? This will mean that Clinton will officially lead the popular vote regardless whether Michigan is in or not. And i would like to know by then how the Obama campaign will respond. Would they cry foul, take it like a man or try to push Clinton out of the race once more?

This nation is 9 trillion in debt, in 2 wars, manufacturing jobs are moving away, our education is  in bad shape, healthcare cost is escalating and i could go on more and more about the challenges facing the next president. So till Obama clinches the nomination, i'll still contribute and work my max for Clinton and hope that she would bring it all the way to the convention for the sake of this nation.

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