Taking It to the Streets

WASHINGTON, July 5 -- Support among Republicans for President Bush's Iraq policy eroded further on Thursday as another senior lawmaker, Senator Pete V. Domenici of New Mexico, broke with the White House just as Congressional Democrats prepared to renew their challenge to the war.

"We cannot continue asking our troops to sacrifice indefinitely while the Iraqi government is not making measurable progress," said Mr. Domenici, a six-term senator who has been a steadfast supporter of the president.

Thus Mr. Domenici joined a growing number of Republican voices in opposition to the war just as Senate Democratic leaders are readying plans to put the political and policy focus back on Iraq next week. The NY Times

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Blog Talk Radio (1/31): "The War to End the War"

For those of you who don't know, I'm Lowell Feld, former netroots coordinator on the Jim Webb for Senate campaign.  Among other things, I'm now working with "Heading Left", an exciting new project by James Boyce of the Huffington Post, Nate Wilcox of Forward Together, and several others.  My job, which I have (wisely?) chosen to accept, is to help spread the word about both "Heading Left" and also the way-cool "Blog Talk Radio".  Anyway, I just wanted to highlight a great show that aired last night on Blog Talk Radio, "The War To End The War. Hear How Iraq War Vets And The Online Community Are Fighting Together." 

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Massive Street Protests in 2007?

From Dan Conley on Political Insider:

http://politicalinsider.com/2006/12/2007 _prediction.html

Let me be the first Political Insider contributor to offer a prediction for what will be the most important political event of 2007: the return of the Vietnam-era street protest.

Having seen that non-existent public support and a Democratic Party takeover of Congress is not enough to keep President Bush from escalating the Iraq War, war opponents will take to the streets in the largest anti-war protests since the early 70s. By spring, expect a massive, million + participant march in Washington to coincide with the fourth anniversary of "Mission Accomplished." Every Democratic candidate for President ... and at least one Republican ... will speak at the rally.

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The University of Chicago - 2 Protests

A proud member of the University of Chicago, I plan to attend these protests.  Please join me and others, including the great Slovenian politician and psychoanalytic theorist, Slavoj Zizek, who is one of my personal favorites, at the Reynolds Club at 57th and University Streets.  I wonder if other politicians affiliated with this campus plan on attending.

I post an email I received below.

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Women Fired For Attending Immigration Protests

Many around here have asked, how can I show solidarity with the hundreds of thousands of immigrants that marched across the country over the last few weeks?

Well, here's something you can do without leaving the comfort your home: stand up for the 15 women that were fired for attending the marches.

A manager at a Detroit meatpacking plant said Monday that 15 immigrant women were fired last month after attending a protest for immigrant rights.


[A]bout 20 union officials went Monday to Wolverine Packing Co. offices on Rivard to inquire about what happened.


[A]s Wolverine knows, the workers were documented, but an employment agency does the actual hiring. He said the workers had been told, "written and verbally," on the Friday before the protests that their attendance was mandatory on the day of the protest.

They were fired "for standing up for their rights."

The fired workers were natives of Mexico and many had worked at the plant for several years. Most have children and are worried about supporting their families, Herrada said.

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