University of Miami Students Take Over Admin Building

At Professor Froomkin reports that 20 students have taken over the Ashe Administration Building at the University of Miami and asks why is Donna Shalala afraid of Father Frank Corbishley?

The SEIU led strikers are demanding better pay, healthcare benefits and union representation.  God knows UM charges enough for tuition.

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NY-20: Protest Sweeney at a fundraiser w/ Giuliani THIS MONDAY!

This Monday, August 21, 2006, will be hosting a protest of John Sweeney's (R-NY-20) record on military affairs outside of his upcoming fundraiser with Rudy Giuliani at the home of corporate lobbyists Julie Chlopecki and David Fuscus in Saratoga Springs. (This diary also includes all of Sweeney's major votes against our troops and veterans)

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