John Ashcroft Yelled at Me Tonight. No Joke.

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Earlier tonight, I attended John Ashcroft's speech on "Leadership in Troubled Times" at Knox College.  So, while it's still fresh in my mind, here's how it went--including the question I asked that made him lose his cool completely.  (I apologize for the lack of pictures--I don't have a digital camera.  As my friends post their pictures of the event online, I'll try to add them into this diary.)

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Mad as Hell Protest today at Today - With Pic

Wish I could have made it.  Here is the report from

We had about 150 people there. Some got there at 6:30a.m.

Women, men, people of all color. People drove from Philly. Woman took the night bus down
from Boston. People from Texas, some foreigners, the NC contingent and two lovely African
Americans who made the trip in from Connecticut. Eyedoc, front and center. Les33 with the
Bullhorn!!! Freethinker and Murray were interviewed by O'Reilly's producer. The papers were
there taking lots of pics. Hillary speaks for me was there interviewing as well.

Everyone was so thrilled to be there and so enthusiastic. Yelled all during the Today show.
Lots of police to keep us away and then they wouldn't let us use the bullhorn b/c Today show
was still going on. Funny how they moved their stuff way down to the other end and kept the
Singers on well past the TV time. Trying to shut us up I think.

Huge Gallery of Pictures here .html

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Need something to be pissed about?

How about something that actually deserves some outrage?

Early Sunday morning, April 6th, 21 year old April Englund, 20 year old Amanada Rief, and 23 year old Scott Hams, all students at the University of Wisconsin-Stout in Menomonie, Wisconsin died in a house fire.

Today, Fred Phelps' WBC showed up to protest the "fag lovers" who died in the fire.

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Hillary Protest Coming to LA!!

This is a guest diary from the LA Committee to Protest Media Bias on the Westcoast.


There will be a protest this Friday morning at Rockefeller Center in New York against the anti Clinton bias and accepted sexism of much of the coverage and commentary that is aired by NBC and MSNBC.

This diary is meant to give a short history and background to how GE/NBC/MSNBC have worked against Democratic Party interests for over a decade and to announce that we will be presenting another protest/picket in Los Angeles and would like to recruit  people to be involved.

Let's review the basic data about the big political stars of NBC News--Tim Russert (Meet the Press), Brian Williams (Nightly News) and Chris Matthews (cable ranting). They're much more like a fraternal order than like something you'd call a "press corps.

The three were hired or anointed under the regime of conservative mogul Jack Welch; as chairman of General Electric, Welch was in charge of NBC News, and was heavily involved in its operation. Welch recruited the three, and made them multimillionaires; he even let Russert and Matthews live with him amid the swells of Nantucket. And oh yes: The three have been kicking the sh*t out of Dem White House hopefuls from that day right up to this.

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Mad as Hell - Join the Protest

This first video is about the sexism in this campaign from beginning until now and is the best mashup I've yet to see.

The video title is Mad as Hell/Bitch

NYC Protest 8am April 11
The second video is calling for a protest event in NYC Friday, April 11 at 8AM. The event is at Rockefeller Plaza, the HQ of NBC. More details at the event webpage.

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