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It is with growing amount distress that I've observed a certain kind of rigidity settling over sections of the progressive blogosphere, as well as an arrogance that seems entirely insular. The other day, on Daily Kos, in the midst of a rant about NARAL and other women's organizations, Kos referred to his long-held disdain for organizing protests and marches. And then recently here, Chris Bowers went on an extended rant about people who dare to criticize Hillary Clinton in terms that reflect the Republican's slant against her. Suddenly, something crystalized in my head that has been simmering in the background since the 2004 election. There is a kind of circular obsessiveness and close-mindedness bordering on cowardice enveloping the blogsphere, and it is one of the more dangerous developments in progressive politics.

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Well-Attended Bush Protest for DeWine Fundraiser in Cincinnati

Bush opponents gathered at the Madeira Library from 2-5 today to protest Bush's visit to Indian Hill for a DeWine fundraise.  A large and diverse group of protestors attended- from goth punks to Sierra Club to old liberals to college professors to union members to rowdy high school students.  Lots of familiar faces from the Hackett campaign too- including Jody Grundie, father of David Grundie, a Marine who served with Hackett in Iraq.  I talked with some folks about the Brown/Hackett debacle, and they are all extremely pissed.  OH-02 congressional candidate Jeff Sinnard was there, protesting with a double-sided sign.  One side protested domestic spying; the other was a Sinnard-for-Congress sign.  When I asked him what he thought about Brown/Hackett, he said that he thought that Hackett got his comeuppance because he remembers how the Hamilton County Democrats interfered with the congressional primary  by endorsing Hackett over Sinnard and the other Democrats last summer.  All in all, it was a great turnout- a good mix of young, old, middle-aged, the "radical" and the "normal." The press (Enquirer, Dayton Daily-News, Community Press, Channel 5, Channel 9) was there and I'm looking forward to the reports that come out.

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