Stark County OH Group to Protest Bush Administration June 9

A group of Stark County Democrats and friends will hold a peaceful protest at the corner of Belden Village Avenue and Dressler Road by the Starbucks on Friday, June 9, at 5:30 p.m.  

The group began doing once-a-month protests beginning in March of this year to highlight the decline of the middle-class under the Bush Administration.  Anyone wishing to particpate this Friday, should bring an issue-of-choice sign (vulgarity is prohibited) and be prepared to stand around awhile. This is a peaceful protest.

The group hopes to see their idea of holding once-a-month peaceful protests spread to other communities across the country leading up to the '06 elections, thus reminding our leaders it's job-review time.

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Mark your calendars: Bush to return to South Bend Indiana

I have heard from two sources, one a high level official in a local labor union, that President Bush is scheduled to return to South Bend Indiana in October, presumably to campaign for Rep. Chris Chocola (R-Bristol).  If this comes to pass, I would love to have thousands of protesters in South Bend to make their voices heard.  There was a great response in February during Bush's last pimp stop.  We had around a thousand lining the street that Bush used to enter the fundraiser he headlined and that was in the middle of the week and the middle of the day.  I will post more details as I get them.

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Next Generation self organizing student walkouts

Today's high school kids are tomorrow's political leaders, and they are showing off their skills at self-organizing student walkouts. It is interesting to see what tools they are using.

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Blatant bias in NYT article

Imagine that the police in your town used pre-emptive arrests, psychological operations, misinformation, and infiltration of grassroots groups to control dissent and protest. What word would you use to describe that action?

The words intimidation and suppression come to my mind. But if you're a headline writer at The  New York Times, the word of choice to describe these un-American activities is ... calming:

Police Memos Say Arrest Tactics Calmed Protest

by Jim Dwyer

New York City police commanders discussed how they  had used "proactive arrests" at political demonstrations in 2002.

 Sounds reassuring, eh? See, the cops were just trying  to calm things down.

And those "discussions"? Those were actually in private, internal memoranda, brought to light only as a result of a lawsuit. By using the word "discussed" in the lede, the casual skimmer of the article might think this information came as a result of some up-front, open dialogue with the public.

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A brilliant (if unoriginal) to end the war

As I type away--snug in the comfort of my Cherry Hill NJ home--I'm troubled that with all this talk about Dubai and Iran and baseball's spring training, Americans seem to be forgetting that our soldiers are dying with incresing frequency in Iraq. One project I am tending to this weekend is a little war protest that I hope others will become excited about, too. I am taking little plastic army men and writing the words "BRING ME HOME" on a little piece of masking tape then sticking it onto the little plastic soldier's base.

I have about a dozen plastic soldiers in my coat pocket at all times and place them about randomly wherever I go: one in the produce at the grocery, another on the shelves at the videostore, the restroom at the gas station or a restaurant, and so forth. This seems like a mild but mindful form of protest, but I have to admit I get a bit of a high from doing it. I hope that people will find these small toys with their message, and they'll get to thinking about the Iraq war. That's really the modest goal of this for me. (And of course the wildly subversive feeling that such behavior gives me is a bonus!)

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