PROTEST: Teamsters to protest DOT's Illegal Mexican Truck Project

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I just got word that Teamsters in Laredo, Texas, and San Diego, California, are going to protest the DOT's illegal pilot project to allow Mexican trucks beyond the current 25-mile border safety zone tomorow.

I will update with times and places as the details become available.

We welcome all bloggers, vloggers, photographers, and supporters. Help us send a message to the Bush administration that we have a Congress for a reason.

March with us!

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Another Day In Asheville

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How to create an Angry American

Watch this video, especially if you don't quite "get" what the ENOUGH protests are all about: lQ&eurl=

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Taking To The Streets ... Literally!

I just read a story about two very wonderful people. They are trying to do what many of us won't do. They have taken to the streets! Literally, they are walking across the country for PEACE and have gotten little attention and little support.

PLEASE Read the whole thing Here:

Ashley Casale, 19, and Michael Israel, 18, are walking 3,000 miles from San Francisco to Washington in a trek they once had hoped would rally the nation and lead thousands to join them in their epic March for Peace. But, nearly halfway through their trip, the teens remain alone, wandering the vast landscape of America, where few have paid them any attention.

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Enough! This Sunday - Wes Clark Jr.

I felt this needed to be posted here, so I am just passing on the words of Wes Clark Jr.

by WesClarkJr 6314/43977

Cenk Uygur and I spoke last week about the need to let Congress and the President know that we've had enough.  Enough war.  Enough lies.  Enough corruption.  Enough trampling of the Constitution.

We've decided to stand in front of the Federal Building in Westwood at the corner of Veteran and Wilshire tomorrow(Sunday) from noon to one pm wearing T-shirts and holding signs that say ENOUGH.  That's it.  One simple word for one hour.  And we're going to be there at the same time, in the same place, week after week until our elected representatives get the message that nobody is above the law and that it is their duty to enforce the law and defend the Constitution, regardless of what the media may tell them.  

Each week, Jenk and I have pledged to bring two more people with us from 12-1 on Sunday to join us.  We'll ask each of them to keep coming back, and to keep bringing two more friends who've had enough.

If you want to join us, feel free to do it in your own hometown.

Jenk and I have laid out a couple ground rules for each other.  If you want to keep with the same rules, feel free.  Here they are:

Our signs and shirts are limited to one word: enough.  It doesn't matter what color the shirt or sign is (I'm using black on white).  We're not going to yell anything or subject people to bad music, long-winded preaching to the choir, or shouting matches with pedestrians or carloads of people who may disagree with us.  We're just going to stand there wearing our shirts.  If people ask us what we've had enough of we're going to politely tell them we're tired of politicians breaking the law.  If they agree with us, we're going to ask them to come back next week and stand with us.  That's it.  Really simple.

We hope to geometrically build a leaderless movement of people to put pressure on the politicians to stop shredding the Constitution whenever it is politically convenient.  By coming back week after week with no draw other than standing with our fellow citizens, we're letting them know we are the kind of dedicated voters willing to put in the time and effort to throw them out on their asses if they can't respect the foundation of our Republic.  I'd like to stay home on Sundays for the next eighteen months but I don't think this can wait until the next election: by then the damage will be done and the guilty will walk away, only to re-enter politics with the next swing in the election cycle.

A few other things...

We don't need a permit here in L.A. until we have enough people that they won't all fit on the sidewalk (my guess is we could be a couple months away from that).  If you're going to join us, check what the laws are in your own hometown.  Don't break the law.

It's hot.  Even though it's only an hour, bring water and protect yourself from the sun.

We're not saying you should pick up trash where you protest (although that would be a civic-minded thing to do) but please don't litter.

Don't be a jerk.  It only alienates people from what you're trying to say.  This one is really hard for me, but if I can do it, you can do it.

Hope to see you there.

Have you had ENOUGH?!

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