Rush Limbaugh: The Audacity of Racism, Sponsored by Barnes and Noble

I am originally from a town outside of Chicago. I feel the Midwest loyalty. It has obviously upset me that there are people I know who have lost their property or have been cut off from going to see their loved ones because of the recent flood crisis.

But, despite these inbred loyalties, there is no possible way I can say that the Midwest flooding crisis comes anywhere near the death and destruction of Hurricane Katrina. And there's no way I could conscionably say that the floods in the Midwest in any ways "dwarfed" what happened in New Orleans, which Rush Limbaugh Tuesday had the audacity of saying. Let's look at the differences: In New Orleans, you had a poverty-endemic urban center experiencing one of the most powerful natural distasters, which resulted in a death toll of nearly 1,900 deaths and $81.2 billion in damages, which the victims were given no warning to and FEMA feebly came to aid very, very late in the game; on the other hand, the Midwestern floods impacted a sprawling, white, rural population, who were given warning and immediate aid from FEMA, resulting in 24 deaths and $1.5 billion in damages.

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The Failure of the Media

We have spent alot of time recently discussing how the media was unfair to one candidate or the other.  But watching The Daily show interview with CBS News Chief Foreign Correspondent Lara Logan we see how the media has failed at far more important tasks. How can we demanded an unbiased media reporting on individuals, when we allow the media to distort or unreport facts, that shape our understanding of major obstacles facing our nation.  We cannot make accurate decisions as a Democracy without being properly informed.  And the media has repeatedly failed in the task of keeping us accurately informed.  I am more likely to see reporting on some of these important issues like Iraq and Afghanistan from the History Channel, or the Discovery Channel years from now than I am from 3 different 24 hour news channels.  I feel I am getting more informed from a 20 minute show on Comedy Central than I would get from CNN/FOX/MSNBC.

We need to stop worrying about how unfairly our candidate has been treated, and start worrying about how unfairly our nation has been treated.  Being too specific in our criticism  allows them to get away with everything.  We are blaming the media for overcooking our lunch as the house burns down around us.

I have no idea what I am doing wrong on the embed.

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Lies and fabrications supporting Israel's colonialism

Palestinian child killed by American weapons

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The Anderson Cooper Propaganda Mill

In case you haven't figured out that Republicans want Obama elected, just sit back and watch CNN.

Take Anderson 360, for example.  Please.

Cooper gives us multiple shots of a former Clinton superdelegate running to Obama, with much discussion of its significance.

Not a peep that Clinton picked up FOUR superdelegates today.  Nada.

We get David Gergen warning how Clinton continuing to campaign is not just hurting Obama, it is hurting Clinton too, and how it is her fault that McCain is doing so well.

We hear the same thing hammered over and over by other meat puppets:  
Most democrats want Obama to be the candidate, and want this OVER.
In case you didn't understand what I just said, watch Anderson 360, and every meat puppet on the show will parrot the same message until it is drummed into your robotic skull, and it will be robotic after this one hour commercial for Barack Obomb.

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Pentagon: Bowing to Public Outcry or Evading Accountability?

After the revealing New York Times front-page article surfaced, exposing the Pentagon's role in disseminating war-propaganda in the mainstream media, the Pentagon announced it was suspending the program. This occurrence brings to light two lessons:

1.) A little media exposure of the truth goes a long way

2.)We must continue to fight for our rights to access un-biased, fact-based information pertaining to our individual and national security.

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