Corporatocracy 'news' on Gaza, Iran, and then some real news

News is 'news' in our corporatacracy. Currently, for example, we have the Israeli-Warmongers-Only-Perspective 'News'. See below for how the release of a UN report on the war criminal conduct on both sides of the Gaza war is widely headlined in the mainstream news (to see how news of 320 dead Gazan children in that massacre is handled (hint: 'not at all'), see NPR's Linda Gradstein):

Israel fights 'perverse' UN report on Gaza

The funniest part is this sentence --

Both sides of the Gaza conflict criticised the report for putting them on the same footing.

-- followed by Israelis-only criticism of the report in the article's concluding 5 paragraphs.

Just a reminder that it is possible to headline the release of the UN report fairly: Israel, Hamas called to account. Now was that so hard?

Related is the 'Anything to get "Iran's Got Nukes!" Into the Headline' 'News':

Iran is a nuclear power: Ahmadinejad aide

Where the Iranian spokesperson is allowed to dispel the headline's glaring implication in paragraph 20:

Javanfekr said Iran is ready to face the six powers and "during the talks we will definitely speak of banning nuclear arms globally because it is not a problem for us as we do not possess any nuclear arms."

So, obviously 'nuclear power' means 'nuclear power power'. Some of you got your war on before you realized that, right? That was the intent.

Meanwhile, McClatchy continues to be a source of news. Here it provides some reality on the domestic side, first the real health care catastrophe:

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Frank Gaffney: Obama sending "coded" messages to Al-Qaeda


Neocon mouthpiece and conspiracy-theorist Frank Gaffney scurried out of his hole again today to spread his typically deranged propaganda on Hardball. Deranged? Yup. According to Gaffney, President Obama is sending "coded" messages of "submission" to Al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

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News Media Entertainment = Propaganda

Lets establish that what the news media entertainment channels are really doing is a form of corporate propaganda.

I was at my stock broker's office - which had a live news feed dropped into the office space - and I finally caught, out of the corner of my eye - a broadcast from an all-financial all the time channel.

Here is what I saw. Propaganda. The two newscasters, basically failed entertainers - were being cued to smile when any point of view that was offered - ran along their party line. And when any perspective, however different - ran counter to that they would almost in unison change their facial expression. Finally at the end of their show they brought on someone who championed their party line - basically going over the party's talking points. Then they ran a short clip about smiling happy children and the camera zoomed in on the newscasters smiling happy faces.

Alright, apart from that - there was also  the technique of putting any objective or scientific point of view regarding the topic at hand - into a format that had the well dressed, well groomed people representing the party line - set into an opposing debate against someone whose speaking and presentation skills were not adequate to represent the opposite point of view.  Time and again, the debate slanted back to a format in which the party line was merely delivered over. and. over. again.

Finally, a word about stocks themselves. After all that was the main "Focus" of the "news" that they were delivering.  I have a fairly nice portfolio, and I spend time studying equities. When I saw the series of stocks that were being highlighted - it struck me as odd certain equities were being highlighted over others, esp. ones that I frankly didn't see as holding valid shareholder review. Then I happened to notice that these same stocks were being piped through "Investor Relations" firms that had deals with this news channel - mainly through roundabout connections - and that they were being highlighted simply because they paid off the right people.

This was probably why other news media entertainment personalities kept telling people to buy the troubled stocks of the companies who caused the fall of our markets.  The 24 hour news channels have to be paid to be in operation, and they are taking money from the parties that pay them - through media buying and investors relations firms that wash the cash.

The control over message was strict. It reminded me of a Pravda news report. Where the state of the Grand Imperial Soviet was always happy. Every word was about the Glorious Republic.

The news media entertainment companies are in bed with lobbyists. The message discipline was amazing. You have people working on the people who are going on air, people working on the format of the program, people working on the content - they are all being controlled by the supreme lobbyist republic.

One host said something that supported our president. The other host immediately turned his words against him. You could see in his eyes a flash of fear. And then he returned to the party line.
The other newscaster shot a sly smile at him.  

No wonder weak-minded people who thought themselves to be conservatives, oversaw the greatest expansion of government in the history of America.  

News Media Entertainment is Propaganda.

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Arab propagandists claim Israeli shells had depelted uranium

Today, Arab nations accused Israel of using weapons with depleted uranium in their war on HAMAS terror. They have written a letter to the International Atomic Energy Agency, the IAEA, stating their claims and attempting to back it up.

This is truly despicable. Some of these nations will go to any means to justify the use of true nukes on Israel, from nations like Iran, which would wipe Israel off the face of the map. Israel is merely defending herself from the likes of HAMAS, which has targeted Israel's Jews for too long, to no avail. It is time for the international community to step up, and condemn the anti-Israeli lies. Saudi Arabia and Syria are two countries making this bogus claim. It is only a matter of time until their fraud is exposed to the world.

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The BBC, Iran, and Israeli Propaganda

I posted this diary on Daily Kos on Nov 11, 2006, and I am reposting it here today for its relevance to the recent missile tests in Iran, because it seems pertinent to understanding how serious politicians from Israel seem bent on avoiding a nuclear capable Iran. At the time, only a year and a half ago, it was pure propaganda, perhaps a vehicle of intimidation. Iran, however, never bought into it. Still, it shows the seriousness with which Israel views the problem of not being the only nuclear power in the Middle East.

The BBC and Israeli Propaganda is the actual subtitle of the article, Israel's Plan for a Military Strike on Iran, by JONATHAN COOK, a British journalist based in Nazareth, Israel. It was published in CounterPunch on October 12, 2006 and is reproduced again by permission. At the time, there was an upsurge of interest in Iran's "threat," but the immediate circumstances are not now clear.

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