It Wasn't About The Oil

    A White House spokesman, Tony Fratto, said Bush expressed confidence in al-Maliki during a telephone call Monday to the Iraqi leader.

    He said the two talked about political progress in Iraq, and al-Maliki gave Bush updates on two key U.S. demands -- legislation to share Iraq's oil wealth among its regions and ethnic groups and a reform of the constitution.

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Highway Robbers

Big bucks on Wall Street stirs up outrage

Goldman Sachs disclosed this week it paid CEO Lloyd Blankfein a nearly $54 million bonus in cash, stock and options.

The immense bonus breaks a record set just last week when Morgan Stanley gave a $40 million bonus for CEO John Mack.

To put it into perspective, New York State residents make an average of $46,000, or less than one-tenth of one percent of Blankfein's bonus.

The bonuses come after a banner year for investment banks, including Goldman Sachs' 70% rise in profits to almost $10 billion, the highest in the history of Wall Street.

Want to know what all the excitement is about?  Follow me below to the new land of milk and honey.  

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