Where Will They Keep Us All?

The right wing nuts are already calling us "insurgents" so how big a leap does it take to think they will soon be calling us "terrorists?" Perennial gasbag Newt Gingrich is calling supporters of Ned Lamont who won against Joe Lieberman in the Connecticut democratic primary - insurgents.  Where does it go from here?

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Respones to Rape on F/X

I was surprised how many responses I got to the article about the F/X TV show's portrayal of rape as both punishement for "insubordination" and as being enjoyed by the victim. True it's a black comedy and the victim is the perp's wife.

Here's some interesting responses generalized into one sentence each. And my own responses follow.

1. It's just a TV show lighten up.
Yeah for the most part I feel the same way too. Google "rape" unfiltered and you'll get much more powerful incentives to rape in porn sites that specialize in allegedly real or staged assaults. But I thought the writer of the article made an interesting point. Here's a horrifying crime that afflicts as many as one out of three women, a crime that often leads to murder, you'd think creative and powerful people could do more than joke about it.

2. Feminazis don't have senses of humor.
Sure we do. In fact my own jokes about rape would probably knock Dennis Leary on his ass. Like the jokes that came out of the Warsaw ghetto during the Nazi occupation only real victims can mine the blackest humor. Example: an old widow who hid in a basement during the Nazi occupation hears men run by yelling the Russians are here, hide, they're raping even little girls and old women! The widow runs upstairs and into the street yelling "where? where?"

3. Some girls think rape is hot.
This category includes rape fantasy, rape fantasy by rape victims, and the ever popular "I raped my girlfriend and she liked it." Rape is a fantasy that allows a human being to imagine any definition of dirty without taking responsibility for it. We are forced to do the thing we secretly want to. Guilt free masturbation. Actual rape victims face a crossroads. Many of us sexualize what happened to us feeling its the only way to have a good sex life. Others become celibate. And many survivors work hard to regain the more innocent sexuality they had by practicing the difference between fucking and lovemaking. But fantasy is far from reality. The reality is that the vast majority of rapes are painful horrifying experiences that leave the victim scarred for life.

4. What about men who get raped?
Prison rape is a very serious problem in our society. Prison culture in general is a terrible problem. It fosters the worst in human beings festering with gangs and extreme racism and misogyny. Rape of males outside may not be as frequent but it is surprisingly frequent. Either alot of nellie homos are running around raping straights (no) or guys twisted in the prison rape system are everywhere (yes). Men, like women are most often raped as children or in adolescence. They face an extra stigma in a macho society like ours. Like female rape victims who are dismissed as lying whores, these men are dismissed as lying fags. I think it's a mistake to talk about gender when discussing rape. Rape is rape. Something must be done to help all victims and to evolve a society where rape isn't an every day terror.

5. Why do feminazis try to force people to think like them?
Well I can't speak for all feminazis, but as for myself I figure when a society refuses to deal with the fact that one third of its members are regularly brutalized, as a survivor of such a crime it's my job to bitch about it.

I can't think of a more appropriate subject for Fourth of July weekend. Millions of Americans are victimized by tolerance for this crime. It may not be as extreme as slavery or the decimation of the Native American population, but it is in the same category of mass violence against a stereotype.

My family goes way back. We were kicked out of the UK in the late 1600s. There's a Tennessee Militia Colonel on one side and on the other a Cherokee chief on the Trail of Tears. I could be a Daughter of the Revolution if I wanted to join. But my life was at the hands of a maniac deciding if he should finish up by murdering me. What does independence mean to Mia Zapata. Was America her land of the free when she was murdered walking home from a gig?

So this Fourth of July take a minute to ask the Spirit of Liberty to bless America with her presence so a human being can walk down a street without having to worry about being grabbed by some horny maniac with a lust to kill.

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