Being Uncomfortable with Power

I have been thinking about writing this diary for a while now. Since Obama's swearing in I have noticed that the rift between right and left has been growing significantly, but much more disturbingly I have noticed a growing rift within our own ranks. I am not speaking of the same rift that existed during the primary, which was certainly a bitter rift from which the wounds have not completely healed, but something different that has happened in recent months.

I have watched and listened as much of the progressive movement, or the left fringe of the party, or whatever term is applied to it by the person speaking, has become increasingly distrustful of, and angry towards, President Obama. I worked for SEIU during the campaign, working seven days a week for months on end, to see Obama win; and I will be the first to admit that my perception is colored by that.

Lately, I have been increasingly angered myself about the attitudes of some on the left whose bitterness seems extreme to me; also, I have become concerned by those who do not show much bitterness but seem to be increasingly cynical that any of the changes we have hoped for and worked so hard for will come to fruition. I myself have some concerns about the way the administration has handled certain aspects of their agenda but I am even more concerned about the direction we, as a party and a movement, may be heading.

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Time to Remove the Confluence (Updated!)

I am but a visitor on Jerome's site, and as I have said repeatedly, Jerome is free to do with his site what he wishes.

He may express his views without reproach, as he has earned that position through hard work and talent. Like so many of us, we can only hope to make an insightful comment.

While I have never hesitated to respectfully disagree with him (and defend him) over the election, a discrepancy of late has caught the attention of a few. Specifically, the Confluence remains on the Blogroll.

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Bill Clinton

Cross Posted to Clintonistas for Obama

These are apparently the words that many purity trolls and Obama supporters would have wanted the Big Dog to say in his GMA interview.

At the risk of restarting the "primary war", there was an interesting diary on MyDD about the Big Dog's interview on GMA.

Apparently, Bill is now aligning with McCain, because of his response about accusations of racism:

When asked, "Do you personally have any regrets about what you did, campaigning for your wife?" Clinton, at first, answered, "Yes, but not the ones you think. And it would be counterproductive for me to talk about."

But then he added, "There are things that I wish I'd urged her to do. Things I wish I'd said. Things I wish I hadn't said.

"But I am not a racist," he continued. "I've never made a racist comment and I never attacked him [Obama] personally."

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Calling all Primary War Veterans [UPDATED]

It's been almost two months since the Primary Wars ended (or at least called a ceasefire) and as a long time poster here (I joined in 2004 under the now frozen account Brit) I've been asked by the British publication Prospect Magazine to write a personal account of the Flame Wars, mainly concentrating DKos and MYDD.

I know, I know, I was clearly an Obama supporter. But this should be a fun and informative feature, focused around incidents and arguments, and being fair to both supporters and their candidates. So I'm calling veterans from all sides and none for their favorite moments, their best loved quips, the recollection of angst in a time  of tranquility.

What do you remember of the Flame Wars?

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The MyDD Primary wars: a memorial

I see by the diaries that we've got some nostalgia for the Feb-June primary wars at MyDD, and I think now is a good time for a tribute to those days of glory and those who made them possible.

The primary diary battles on this site were special, wonderful, and unlikely to be replicated unless there's another big rift among progressive Democrats.  The diary wars were gut wrenching for those worried about the ability of Democrats to unite in November, but very entertaining as the political blog equivalent of reality TV dating shows like "I Love New York" or "Rock of Love". Initially I found the whole thing disturbing as it took MyDD off its course as a clearing house for progressive politics.  But after awhile the diaries became addictive, not unlike watching the next elimination of a love-seeking doofus by a badly damaged pseudo-celebrity.

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