Who do you think would be best to lead the Democrats into 2008 elections and why?

Okay, this is supposed to be an open forum for discussion with reasoning.  My hopes are that this will stay informative and away from hostile.  With that said... Here's my two cents.  

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The Debate Format Sucked!

that debate format sucked.  30 second and 60 second answers.

raise your hand?

Why not just add a swimsuit competition and have them balance books on their heads while they walked.

It's so disappointing - none of the pundits  are talking at all about the content - because there was none.  Having just seen the Bill Moyers show about the media controlling public perceptions the whole debate was disappointing.

I thought this might be interesting

"Do you believe there is such a thing as a global war on terror?"

who raised their hands? does it matter?

postdebate:  Pat Buchanan is comparing Hillary to Ronald Reagan.  Shrum and Buchanan are going hard after obama.

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Hillary and Obama raised their hands for global war on terror

was this a big deal or not.

Brian williams asked those who believe there is a global war on terror to raise their hands.

Hillary and Obama did.  (and some others I didnt' see)

Edwards, Kuccinich and other did not.

I will update this diary if people post who did or did not raise their hands and the exact phrasing of the question.  Maybe this wasn't a big deal

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No F'in Details by anyone but Edwards on Healthcare

asked Edwards first about taxes to pay for healthcare.  Edwards pointed out that he he has details, how he'd pay for it etc...

Hillary doesn't believe in putting any new money into the system until the old one is fixed.

obama .. ...

Richardson, Democrats need to stop raising taxes to pay for programs.

At some point these guys have to have details don't they.

almost the same answers from the healthcare forum from all candidates.

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(Updated)A new strategy... In campaigning! What you can expect to see for second quarter!

This is a times article.  Obviously after the suprise we've seen from the first quarter... Clinton's campaign is changing up their fundraising strategy to cut down on Obama's momentum.  Or as I like to call it, "The Obamentum"


Feel free to share comments and concerns... I think this is a logical way to fight back against The Obamentum, however I see The Obamentum growing as she's fighting against it... So the ultimate effect could just be that The Obamentum is contained.  Either way, two months to go!  We'll see how this strategy works out for her then.  

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