My Favorite Bible Verse

My favorite part of the debate last night between the democratic presidential primary debate was "which is your favorite bible verse". Even more fun was how it was reported. Here is NBC Reporter Chris Matthews on Bill Richardson's response:

"And what about Bill Richardson? He didn't even know what to say !"

For the record, gentle myDD'r,  here is what Bill Richardson actually said, in his direct and simple  response to the question:

"(My favorite Bible Verse is) the Sermon on the Mount -- Social justice and equality. "

These are the guys, by the way, who were sent out to find something silly to write about in the past three months. Funny how those neat quotes can come from a seasoned diplomat.  Who has a history of the deliverable.  

Ok, I need to vent. Its about Kucinich and Gravel (sp?).  Anyone who advocates lowering the voting age to sixteen in the same breath as alcohol standards, deserves to stand hand in hand with the guy who claimed that personal bankruptcy is "sticking it to the man". This is simply not kosher.  Sorry, I just wanted to get that off my chest.

But hey, I don't know. Did I miss anything?  :)

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Lehrer News Hour / Bill Richardson

Tonight as fate would have it I lit up for the first time in almost 9 years a new cable connection. I decided to get a DSL line and it came with a cable bundle, so I thought what the heck.

I am used to playing with rabbit ears to catch the Lehrer News Hour (my mainstay). But tonight, Governor Richardson was there clear as a bell. I was pretty darn surprised.  

It began to dawn on me halfway throught the really , really nicely clear and static-free interview , where I didn't have to adjust the rabbit ears once - that the Governor was talking about unifying a deeply divided country.

I thought about that for a minute. You see, I live in the land of the conservative white man. Alot of these souther GOP  won't identify with the groups that are doing something about unwinding the mother. But they are fed up. This I promise you.

Now for my money, it  just doesn't seem to make sense to have the worst commander in chief in known history up there and the so called mil bloggers still rallying around his party. Honestly to me thats the seeds of division to have these people out there still waving the elephant flag, but hey. There they are.

What is the quality of someone who can unify? Is he a big personality that just waves the right color flag? Or is he someone who can understand the calculus and really bring people to the table.

I thought I saw the guy who could do that, on the Lehrer news hour. Whats more, It suddenly dawned on me that this is someone who can build a really great cabinet.  And he will announce his cabinet in the General, right after primary?

Has this ever been done before.. could it be... transparency in a candidate? Gasp..

What will they think of next, honesty in government?

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Clinton, Obama and the "Trust" Factor

I wrote this for today's Beyond Chron, San Francisco's Alternative Online Daily.

In the presidential campaign, we've heard a lot about "experience" (a plus for Hillary Clinton), "change" (Barack Obama's strongest point), and "electability" (which helps John Edwards.)  But one factor that has yet to play a role is "trust." It is one thing to hear what a candidate has to say, but how can progressives know who will stick to their guns when the right-wing noise machine attacks - and who will capitulate, triangulate and take our support for granted?  If "trust" becomes a major concern for Democratic primary voters, Hillary Clinton could be in trouble.  And while a candidate can tout their resume to boost "experience," their platform to project "change," and good poll numbers to push "electability," there isn't much they can do about the fact that voters don't trust them.  Especially when you've been in the public eye for 15 years.

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Proof That I Do Not Worship A Certain Candidate

Let me lay down some tracks and let you readers see the territory that lays just over the horizon. No, I am not a "hater" (but I won't cry if I'm called that). Please note that these are not my opinions, but merely observations. Maybe they will go some way toward explaining certain progressive's ambivalence regarding a certain candidate. Just go and read the articles through the links, and ask yourself if the candidate's approach to our future is one that you would prefer.

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GOP Debate Preview -- My Source Predicts Fireworks

Ten Republican presidential candidates will take the same stage at Saint Anselm College occupied by the eight Democratic contenders two nights ago. The hosts, CNN, The Union Leader, and WMUR remain the same, as will the moderator, Wolf Blitzer.

But the similarities should end there. The Republicans are much more divided this cycle on core issues of interest to their base than are the Democrats. Immigration is the paradigm case. The race is nowhere near as settled -- the Dems have a clear top tier and a lone front runner while much of the biggest news will be about a Republican candidate, Fred Thompson, who is not even in the debate and while polls are all over the place with regard to Thompson, Giuliani, Romney, and McCain. Read more about what to expect from tonight's debate, as "fireworks" are predicted from a source in one of the campaigns. . . .

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