Lamont, Edwards, Obama and the Clintons

I happened to stumble across this YouTube video cs

It got me thinking about the candidates and what to expect from them in terms of leadership.

Bill Clinton went and made a campaign appearance for Joe Lieberman in Connecticut and even did robocalls for him.  After the campaign Hillary lent her guy to the campaign but did not campaign for Lamont. e/0,9171,1207783,00.html

from June 25th -

Lieberman, of course, also has powerful backers. Reid, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have all spoken or written letters encouraging Democrats to back him. He said Joe Biden, another Democratic foreign policy hawk and a likely 2008 presidential contender, will come to the state and campaign for him.

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The Case Against a California February Primary

I published this article today on Beyond Chron, San Francisco's Alternative Online Daily.

As Ben Franklin said, the definition of "insanity" is "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result." Once again, California politicians complain that our state never gets to choose a presidential nominee because the race is over by the time it gets here. Now the state legislature wants to push up our presidential primary even earlier than before - in the vain hope that we will decide from a wide-open field in 2008. But other states have the same idea too and we may end up having a national primary on February 5th - only one week after New Hampshire. While a February primary could be seen as a boon for progressive activists, the subsequent low-turnout June election poses grave risks, particularly given the attempt to qualify a statewide initiative to ban rent control.

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Edwards Takes On McCain and Pharmaceuticals by Name!

It's refreshing to have a politician take the risk of attacking a media darling like the "Maverick" John McCain.  Even calling an increase in troops an "escalation" in Iraq and tagging it the "McCain Doctrine". ral/2007/jan/02/edwards_coins_new_phrase _for_escalation_the_mccain_doctrine

Further, how many politicians have the audacity of courage to take on the pharmaceutical lobby by name, for driving up health care costs?  

Not Hillary
"As of July 12, 2006, she raised more money from pharmaceuticals than any other candidate with the exception of Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pa.). le=Hillary_Clinton#Meet_the_Cash_Constit uents

How many politicians have the balls to have un-sexy issues like global warming, poverty, action and conservation as part of their platform.

Oh wait, that's not Obama....that's John Edwards.  My bad.

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Is Soros backing Clark?

This tid-bit comes from The Politicker, under the heading, Events For April 27, 2006 :

And in the evening, Wesley Clark headlines two fundraisers for WesPAC: a cocktail reception at the home of George Soros, followed by dinner at The Carlyle.

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Alabama: Moving On Up

Alabamians are going to move their primary to the first Tuesday of February, 2008. This would supposedly follow New Hampshire by a week. The week prior to New Hampshire would be a caucus (or two) still undecided (Nevada is the CW choice), and a week prior to that would be the Iowa caucus. It remains to be seen when Arizona, Delaware, Missouri, Oklahoma and South Carolina, which were the first Tuesday in Feb., after NH, in '04; and Michigan, which is reported to be potentially moving to this same 1st Tuesday of Feb. place their primaries; and there's also the '04 caucuses of New Mexico, North Dakota, and Washington that could be on this date; and there's been reporting of a Mountain West cluster on this early Feb. date that would potentially add Utah and Colorado to the date. Still early, and lots of shaking out to do, but it sorta looks like the first Tuesday in Feb, '08 is going to be the National Super Tuesday of '08. Jerome

We've talked over and over again about getting geographic diversity and representation in the primary process. And while I'd love to have seen DC's first in the nation primary honored in 2004 (for obvious reasons to educate the nation about the lack of Congressional representation), I think the potential move of Alabama to join early states on the first Tuesday of February is a positive step to find the right nominee for the party. I don't think one state from each corner of the country really cuts it.

Next Monday, the Alabama State House is poised to cast the final vote on the move, and Governor Riley has already promised to sign the bill into law.

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