California still left out of the campaign spotlight

Check out this blog on FairVote's website. Even though California's primary will be in February, candidates are not increasing their campaigning in this state. 007/07/30/california-still-left-out-of-t he-campaign-spotlight/

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However it's broken, it's time to fix primary process

This weekend the San Jose Mercury News ran a great op-ed on the problems with the presidential primary system:

We're going to have a de facto national primary. States have been unilaterally moving their primaries earlier with the goal of gaining influence. As a result, more than half the country will have voted by Feb. 5, or "Tsunami Tuesday." The worry is that a national primary favors candidates with Scrooge McDuck bank accounts and removes the door-to-door retail politicking voters in New Hampshire and Iowa love.

We're going to have a de facto national primary - and it won't matter. States all crave political influence the way "American Idol" competitors crave fame - that is, unrealistically. The new crush of primaries on the first Tuesday of February waters down the influence of all the participating states and shifts the focus to the biggest and most delegate-rich among them.

New Hampshire and Iowa still rule.

Check out the whole article here.

Edwards for President: Campaign Highlights Roundup!

Six months have passed since John Edwards' announcement for his run for the Presidency. With six months to go until the first caucus in Iowa, we are half way there until the voting begins! Following is a  general overview of the notable events that have paved Edwards' Road to the Whitehouse.

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"American Plan" Best Hope to Fix Presidential Primary System

I wrote the following article for Beyond Chron about the "American Plan" to fix primaries.

After I wrote an op-ed against moving California's next Presidential Primary to early February, a local radio show invited me to debate Rick Jacobs of the Courage Campaign - who is pushing the state legislature to make it happen. One thing that we agreed on in yesterday's program is that the system of presidential primaries is broken and works against the interest of progressives. But while I believe that pushing up California's primary will only compress the schedule without giving us more influence, how do we create a system that doesn't make the establishment candidate always win?

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