Who will the Republicans choose to run against them in 2008?

There are rumors of a Hillary run for 2008.  Some say she has that magic "electability" thing.  

Wake up.  The Republicans want Hillary Clinton to run; that's why Bush said she would be a "formidable" opponent.  They know they can beat her.  And she won't make too much of a fuss when they spin the propaganda against her and rig the election machinery to bring her down.  She plays by their rules.  

It's time the Democrats stop letting the Republicans choose their candidates for them.  "Electability"?  That's just the scale a spineless Democrat uses to measure a candidate's willingness to bow under the pressure of the Republican talking points.  The Republicans will talk.  It seems the more they fear a candidate, the more they pull out the stops to smear that candidate, so I suggest a new scale to use in choosing the Democratic candidate--the smear scale.  If the Republicans put most of their efforts into bad-mouthing a candidate, then that's our guy.  They tend to go after truth-tellers, like Al Gore and Howard Dean.  Republicans don't like too many facts obscuring their agenda; that's why they got rid of the Fairness Doctrine.  

Big money is doing the talking.  Big money owns the media and the Republican Party; the Republican party is the party of rule by the corporations for the corporations.  Big money uses the flag and Jesus--"God bless America"--as its official logos to legitimize itself.  Democrats used to stand for rule by the people for the people, but, with Washington awash in money, they too have leaned to the other side, the fascist, big money side.  

As in fascism, the big corporations now have a strangle hold on our government, and they know how to use all the tools at their disposal to control the people.  They are good at using propaganda to instill fear (of terrorists and a punishing god) and hate (of gays, Muslims, Frenchmen, Democrats, etc.)  Big money's front men, Bush, Cheney, et al, use that propaganda to rouse the rabble into angry, flag-waving, cross-bearing, attacks on gays, Muslims, Frenchman, Democrats, etc.  As Bush said, they have to keep repeating things in order to "catapult the propaganda." Sometimes the truth does slip out.

Liberals need to choose their candidates and vote based on integrity.  Who is it that is best at truth-telling?  Gore and Dean are truth-tellers.  They are the candidates chosen by the people for the people.  Gore won the popular vote--and the election--in 2001; Dean had huge popular support and would have done well in 2004, but the DNC joined the Republicans in smearing him for fear that he did not have "electability." The DNC thought Kerry had "electability."

After Dean was taken down by our own side, Dean's popular support joined into a wider push against Bush.  But we were no match against Republican chicanery; the election was too thoroughly rigged.  Kerry won.  But Kerry was held by the money machine in Washington; he didn't even put up a fight for the little guy, even with the overwhelming evidence of fraud and voter intimidation in Ohio.  But Kerry had "electability."

Since the Republicans have big money, big media propaganda, and big corporation, rigged election machinery on their side, it doesn't make sense to play according to their "electability" rules.  We liberals need to keep coming at them with plain-spoken facts.  Facts to Republicans are like water to the Wicked Witch of the West in Oz.  "I'm melting, I'm melting." 

We need a truth-teller, like Gore or Dean, for 2008.  Ignore that noise in your ear telling you to look for "electability." It's just Republicans "catapulting" their propaganda.

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Who was that shotgun really pointed at?

Okay, so Dick Cheney shot and almost (so far, anyway) killed a man. There's something very smelly about the whole affair, but what I'm smelling most strongly from the Bush White House and the Republican leadership is this: it may be that Dick Cheney's days as VP are growing very short.

In the last week or so, we've been reading an awful lot about how Scooter Libby's "immediate superiors," i.e. Dick Cheney and George W Bush, authorized him to 'leak' classified information. High-ranking Republicans have been suggesting, in public, that this might warrant an investigation ... and then the dicey sounding shooting/coverup. It looks to me like "Big Time" is being prepped for a resignation.

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Sick Republicans Bastards

The Bushies really showed their true stripes today.   "Compassionate conservatism" was no where to be found as laughing and joking about a man being shot was the order of the day.  

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A Preview of What the Next President Will Inherit in 2009

Similar to Jon Corzine in New Jersey:

After three weeks as Governor of New Jersey, Jon Corzine might find himself longing for the less stressful days of the United States Senate. The not-his-fault news has not been good: the Unemployment Fund is out of money, the Transportation Trust Fund is out of mone, the School Construction Corporation is out of money, the Open Space Preservation Fund is out of money, the state pension system faces serious financial troubles, and the state budget is facing a $4 billion hole. Some insiders say the New Jersey Supreme Court can add to the budget woes by ordering several billion dollars be spent on school construction for Abbot districts, and a payment to the pension plan. At the same time, legislators (especially those who remember the early 1990's) are looking at independent polls showing New Jersey's unwilling to accept tax increases.

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John Kitzhaber for President? (w/Poll)

(Note: This diary was cross-posted at Kos)

I was very interested to see mention of John Kitzhaber, the former two-term Oregon governor, on Breaking Blue the other day (see entries http://www.mydd.com/... and http://www.mydd.com/...).  

It seems that the popular ex-Governor and former emergency room doctor recently opted against a bid to reclaim his spot in Salem in favor of a project to promote health care reform, a project described as the Archimedes Movement (http://www.archimedesmovement.org/).

What really piqued my interest however was the rumor, first reported at Political Wire (http://politicalwire.com/...) and cited at the above MyDD links, that Kitzhaber had recently met with former Dean adviser Joe Trippi.  Could Kitzhaber have his mind on an even higher office?

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