Steven Searle for US President in 2008

I am writing to seek your help in my campaign to become the next U.S. president. I am Steven Searle, running as an independent candidate under the banner of a third party I founded: the Best Party Available, which has only one platform:

All who seek public office as BPA candidates must put their campaign promises in the form of a written contract. Penalty for violation of this contract? Loss of office [Details on my website: www.

Some of my (emerging) positions are on my website; below I list several:

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Let's talk about Mike Gravel for President in 2008.

You know, since nobody else seems to be. :)
I'm going to break my self imposed rule of not talking about 2008 until 2006 elections are over for a few moments here to get this post out and talk about Maurice Robert Gravel, aka former Senator Mike Gravel.

Who? Why?
Well, yeah, see that's most peoples reaction... Yet he's running and over and over again he's not included in straw polls, he is a declared candidate, fringe though he may be.

So who is Mike Gravel anyway?
More below.

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Preventing Stolen Elections

Exactly how will we prevent the 2008 election from being stolen? In one word: "boycott."

If there's even a hint that the 2008 presidential election has been stolen (or is being stolen, as in Ohio preceding the 2004 casting-of-ballots), we should be prepared well enough in advance to respond massively and decisively. And the best way to do that is by means of a boycott. This boycott will serve two purposes: (1) to register our protest, and (2) to force the powers-that-be to yield to an investigation by a special prosecutor (or, if prior to the election, cease misconduct immediately).

I would be in favor of continuing some degree of boycotting activity even as the special prosecutor conducts his investigation. This would be to assure a minimal degree of foot dragging, as well as to continue to register our protest. I think the American people are tired of not having all of our votes counted or of having our names stricken from lists of eligible voters. Ideally, the boycott threat must appear threateningly real, nationwide in scope, and costly (costly, especially to GOP financial interests, though not sparing Democrats if culpable). If the powers-that-be sense that any significant election tampering will be met with a devastating response, they might decide to conduct themselves honorably.

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My Gut Tells Me Al Gore is Going to Run

Thanks to howardpark, at the Breaking Blue page, I was alerted to this story.  In a nutshell, Al Gore is going to train 1000 people to give his global warming presentation around the country.  The article also says that Al Gore has no intention on running for President in 2008.  Yeah, right.

I am of two thoughts regarding this news.  Both thoughts lead me to believe that Al Gore will be a presidential candidate in 2008.  Either Al Gore is lying and has every intention of running for President and will be using his 1000 presenters as a Al Gore 2008 infrastructure (a pretty smart move by the way).  Or, Al Gore is serious about not running, but the groundswell that he's creating will pull him in.  More after the jump.

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Why I support Hillary Clinton for President!

Bill Clinton would be First Lady!

And his pet project as first lady?

Legalization of marijuana!

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