NiMH Today

In 1980 Stanford Ovshinsky patented a battery that was supposed to revolutionize the world. A battery that he knew could take almost unlimited charges and discharges, a battery that held far more energy at half the weight of lead acid batteries, a battery whose thermal properties were balanced with metals that combine endothermic and exothermic reactions to prevent thermal runaway, which is an explosive reaction common to the first iterations of lithium-ion batteries. Twenty seven years later those batteries are just beginning to have the impact they promised a quarter of a century ago.

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GM Kills the Volt ......... Vote

The image above links to Plug-In America

It looks like GM, in all its infinite wisdom, has taken the VOLT Vote down. They did so just as the vote was fast approaching the half million mark. On April 7 I took snap shot of the survey and it stood at just under 450,000 votes tallied of which 446,118 said that GM should build the VOLT and another 445,187 voters said to GM that they would buy the vehicle if it were made. Big, big numbers to say the least, however, I was hoping that the vote would reach the psychological milestone of 500,000. There is just no denying a number like half a million votes. If GM ever says there isn't enough demand for alternative fuel vehicles remind them that they can use their fingers and their toes to count. Read on for action.

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the responsibility and power of language

Previously posted on the Young People For Blog.

This fifth element of my debate on language comes as we see Imus booted for his racist comments and as I recently viewed a youtube video of Frank Zappa defending the right to say what you want.

I have argued for learning more than one language and not restricting the official language of the US. I have discussed the true political correctness and how using language should only be restricted when it is used as hate. I have covered ebonics and what is percieved as 'standard' english. I then explored the ideas of  anonymity and apathy and their impact on the credibility of language.

The deep root and anchor of language lies in its power, language has an immense degree of power. With that power comes a great responsibility.

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Think of Energy in a New Way

Wave Power Generation by Ocean Power Delivery being installed off the coast of Spain.

I was asked to respond to the following statement. "Joseph, would you address the issue that electricity is a secondary energy source? While its use would lead to cleaner cars, it will still be necessary to generate the energy to be converted to electrochemical form. The Second Law of Thermodynamics says that energy is lost at each stage when we transform energy from one form to another. The heavy reliance upon personal vehicles will still demand a greater and greater consumption of energy. We will simply move the source of local pollution away from drivers, but how will [it] bring energy consumption down and minimize environmental destruction? "

First of all energy is found in many forms, many of which we name and think of as substantive, but they are not substantive. Electricity is equal to the movement of your hand, is equal to sun shine, is the heat coming off the highway, the differences are just spectral.

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The Right to Know - Secrecy in Government

...Please your superiors, stand erect when the national anthem is played & salute when that flag goes by. Genuflect to leaders who mouth words like liberty, justice, & democracy. Following the cues will lead one in the desired direction of conformity where ideas are framed in ways that assure American motivations are cast in the most favorable...

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