Unbelievable Weakness, Amazing Strength

We are on May 25th, the media & virtually All Democratic Party leaders have all but declared our 2008 Nominee in the honorable Senator Barack Obama.

Financially, our nominee as reported by the mainstream press is about to break historic fund raising records never seen before.

The two most politically watched shows, MSNBC & CNN have both unofficially declared Sen. Obama as the 2008 democratic nominee.

The liberal television, print & online media have sharpened their criticism of Senator Clinton to withdraw.

The pressure is on.

The positioning for a running mate has begun. Signs of some Clinton democrats folding their tent & uniting behind Obama for the sake of party loyalty have begun.

With All that said .....

Every Single poll shows the Worst Republican Party image & branding in the last 40 years. The Highest Negative rating of the GOP in the last 40 years.

Every single poll shows democrats poised to gain even more house & senate seats in November. Its only a question of  how much gain democrats would achieve.

With All that perfect background for any Democrat, there is One Thing that Stands Out the Most. While the MSM is trying hard to Ignore it, more & more journalist & political commentators are pointing it out.

What stands out ?

No need to look far. Look on the top of this page, your left & your right. No need to seach far. Go to the latest Gallup polls.
No need to waste time. Look at state by state pollings on RealClearPolitics.com

What are two things that standout in this heavily favored democratic season ?

One, an Unbelievable Weak Nominee in Barack Obama. A nominee who regardless of your political persuasion ( except his left wing supporters in blinders) would see a Very Likely Potential of Losing the Electoral map in November. Some would even be more direct in predicting a major electoral defeat.

Inspite of the Entire Media outlet, Huge Financial Advantage, combined with a damaged, hurt, battered Republican Party- their nominee Sen. John McCain is in good shape state by state to win in November.

Lets be blunt. If the GOP were even just a few percentages higher, Obama would be losing today by a landslide. ( and he still may in Nov.) That's how weak this guy is.

Two, an Amazing display of strenght by Senator Clinton. No matter how much the media, the party elders, black leaders,& the liberal left wing base has demonized this candidate, no matter how short on funds she has..... ...

If we had the election today, Senator Clinton would win by a dramatic landslide over John McCain by 100 to 135 electoral vote margins.

It would be the largest democratic victory in the last 50 years.

While some of her supporters have been convinved by party leaders & the media to join & unite behind Obama, she is still on top.

As a White male union member & lifelong democrat who lives & works in a state that will decide this election in November, I have to say....

This is the worst decision ever made by "party elders" since Dukakis & Mondale.

When the nominee has received less votes among registered democrats, he deserves to lose in November.

I am all for civil rights & the advancement of all minorities.

But on this one, I stand with millions of democratric whites, latinos, asians & even some blacks in declaring...

choosing to nominate a much weaker candidate for fear of offending segments of the black electorate is way to high a price to pay.

Jesse & Al must be jumping up & down.

But come November, millions of us, true democrats will have a tough choice. Many of us will have to do what we did 20 years ago.

Ask Dukakis & Mondale- they will tell you.

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Change I Don't Believe He Believes In

OK, politicians are ambitious, they want more and more power.  Also, some of them actually believe in something.  And this is the bottom line problem with Senator Obama.  

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Sorry to disappoint you, but neither side is evil.

We all do no end of feeling, and we mistake it for thinking.
-- Mark Twain

I think any of us who retain even the smallest scrap of objectivity can agree that the above quotation is sadly relevant to the current state of the Dem primary.

If you look for the bad in people, expecting to find it, you surely will.
-- Abraham Lincoln

One manifestation of the intense feelings on all sides is the unfortunate way every slight or misstep is taken as proof of evil intent on the part of the transgressor. While I admit that evil intent is hard to disprove in many cases, as enlightened human beings, we should hold ourselves to a higher standard that that, before we break out the tar and feathers.

Let's look at a couple of recent incidents in light of the above ideas.

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President Obama's Compromises

After 9/11 George W. Bush put the country on a permanent war footing and created a new role for himself--The Decider.  In so doing he revitalized his presidency and greatly expanded and solidified his political base.  His most rabid supporters now saw little difference between Osama bin Laden and Harry Reid.  They were both enemies of Bush and needed to be defeated by any
means necessary.  In this domestic war confrontation was unavoidable and to be welcomed.  His base demanded it, and Bush was happy to oblige.  It was the source of his power.

In the wreckage of the Bush presidency Barack Obama has pursued a different means of obtaining power.  He would end the political wars and declare himself The Uniter.  In this role confrontation is his enemy and must be avoided.  (This does not apply in Obama's current struggle with Hillary Clinton because she is seen as a Divider.  She and her supporters just don't get it.  Once they are disposed of, Obama can begin bringing us together.)

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The New American Unspoken Manifesto

I have been thinking lately about that old quote from Nobel prizewinning author Sinclair Lewis: "When Fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross."

Thinking in terms of the past several years of the Bush 43 Administration, I can't help but draw many parallels; from the claims of "compassionate conservatism" to the current occupier of the White House consistently trotting out his faith, in a way to reassure that we're on the side of the angels and being led by a guy who is a really devotedly religious fellow. And we all know about the patriotism, or lack thereof, that have been regularly employed in an attempt to stifle any dissent. "Wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross." How easy it would be to take over this country simply equipped with well-crafted and sellable rhetoric...

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