IL-14: Stein(D) - "Pollute less? Pay less."

"If we don't fix global warming now, there may not be any America as we know it left. There may not be hospitable places left for our children and our grandchildren to live." - Jotham Stein, (D-IL).

Americans have come to the consensus that man-made pollution is causing the gradual warming of our global climate. Such changes to our atmosphere will be catastrophic if we do nothing about them. Rising temperatures cause ice caps in the Arctic to melt making sea levels rise and strengthening the size and speed of major storms and hurricanes. At its worst, global warming could eventually lead to drought, flooding, famine, mass migration and eventually war... or worse. I don't know about you, but that's not exactly how I'd imagined living out my retirement.

Politicians in D.C. seem to have caught on to the fact that Americans are aware of what's happening to our environment and what's causing it. They've met our concern and awareness with a lot of talk, but very little action. Jotham Stein wants to change that and as the next congressman of Illinois' 14th district, he will.

Jotham Stein is a business and employment attorney from St. Charles, IL who negotiates fast-paced business deals for high-tech industries. He is running for the U.S. Congress in the 14th district of Illinois, the seat currently occupied by former Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert. He will face possibly four challengers in the Democratic primary next February. Jotham believes that global warming presents our nation with an opportunity to regain our moral authority in the world while creating jobs, ending our oil addiction and cleaning up our environment. Jotham Stein has a 10-point plan to stop global warming and one of his priorities is to make it easier for people to buy fuel-efficient vehicles. Take the jump to learn more...

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The War Against Our Kids

The excerpt below is posted with the full knowledge and permission, even encouragement, of the author, who wants his essays to be read by as many people as possible.

From The Hill's Pundits Blog

Imus, Virginia Tech, Iraq, Pollution: Let's End The War Against Our Kids

Brent Budowsky

All across America today, while we mourn together the tragic loss in Virginia, nuts are buying guns, candidates are bragging they kill bunnies with semiautomatic weapons, and politicians tremble with fear of gun lobbies.

And more young Americans die.


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Victory: Democrats Term Limit Chairmen

Don't know if it was because of my op-ed, but the Rules package passed by the House continues the term limits on Committee Chairmen - meaning "unfrozen cavemen" like Dingell can serve for only a maximum of six years. Of course, having people like Dingell in office in the first place may imperil the Democrats' ability to stay in power for six years by turning off environmentalists and progressives, but Pelosi and the Democrats deserve major praise for this pro-democracy move. Hopefully next the Dems will introduce real elections for committee chairmen.

From today's Congress Daily:

In other House-related action, new rules for the 110th Congress will continue term limits on committee chairmen as imposed by Republicans when they gained control of the House in 1995. Newly minted Democratic chairmen will be required to give up those gavels after three consecutive terms. A spokesman for Rules Chairwoman Slaughter told the Associated Press today that term limits were not a point of contention when Democrats were deciding what parts of procedural and parliamentary rules should be carried over from the Republican era.

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The Democrats' Unfrozen Cavemen Committee Chairmen

My latest op-ed printed in Fort Lauderdale/Broward County's South Florida Sun-Sentinel talks about how the Democrats' fear of taking on some of their caucus's more anachronistic and corrupt members means that despite their promises, they're not likely to be able to make real progress on issues like global warming. The article focuses in particular on the political impact of allowing special interest lackies like House Energy and Commerce Chairman John Dingell to stay in power, even when they allow loyalty to special interests to trump not only the public interest, but also the Democrats' collective political interests. Read a slightly expanded version of the published op-ed below.

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Fixing Leaks Will Avert World Water Woes

Crossposted: Water Is Life

Were it that simple in this world where greed, incompetence, amorality, and apathy seem to rule the hearts and minds of men. Below is a report from World Water Week which is taking place in Sweden up to August 26. My thoughts on this below.

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