Action: Write Real Clear politics

When Obama got a nice bounce from the Democratic convention, Real Clear Politics did not include both the Gallup tracking poll and the USA Today/Gallup poll in their poll average.  Why? Because the USA Today/Gallup poll included the very same poll data. They said that their policy was not to do so.

But now with the post-Republican convention bounce, they are using both.

Please write them (courteously) and ask them why they are employing a double standard:

 John McIntyre:
  Tom Bevan:

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Concern (but not) Trolling

So the convention is over, and John McCain received his bounce, moving ahead of Barack Obama in the Gallup Tracking poll. Bounces are referred to as such for a particular reason: they tend to be fleeting. Will this even be discussed in a week's time? And so far, it appears that neither McCain's (nor Obama's) bounce is atypical.

Regardless, with Obama generally perceived to have been the slim frontrunner since June, John McCain leading in any poll is difficult to swallow, especially with a history of imploding democratic campaigns.

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More Good Obama Poll News

The news from the Gallup tracking poll has been consistently positive since the night of Sen. Obama's big speech. Obama continues to hold a sold and steady 6-8 point lead over the past 6 days.

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Who Are You Voting For or Leaning Towards? w/ Poll

This is just a quick diary to try and figure out which way people on MyDD are going or leaning towards.

If you could please leave a comment as to why you are voting or leaning a certain way, that would be great. Especially if you chose "other".

Let us TRY and not beat up on each other or the other candidates in this diary.

So... who are you For, not who are you against.

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Rasmussen: From tie to +4 in one day

Wow -How can you go from a tie to +4 in a four day tracking poll in one night?  Now, that is some bounce!

Rasmussen shows major movement - and that's before taking into account the impact of Obama's speech.

Thursday's tracking poll O 47 -M 47
Friday's tracking poll O 49 - M 45

Chuck Todd said that if Obama could go from 80% Democratic support to 89% Democratic support, he would gain four points. That might have happened - or these new numbers might also include movement from independents and even Republicans.

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