CA-03: Progressive Democrat Dr. Bill Durston in Dead Heat with Incumbent Lungren

Dr. Bill Durston, a progressive Democrat running for Congress in California's 3rd Congressional District has just released a poll that shows that he is in a dead heat against the Republican incumbent, Dan Lungren.

From an email sent to Durston for Congress supporters on Tuesday, October 7th:

We've just received great news from a poll of 500 likely voters conducted by the respected polling firm, Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin, and Associates. Dr. Bill Durston is in a statistical dead heat with Dan Lungren in California's 3rd Congressional District!
When voters were asked who they would vote for if they were to vote today, 33% chose Lungren, 30%, chose Bill, 7% chose another candidate, and 30% were undecided. With a margin of error of 4%, the differences between Bill and Lungren were not statistically significant.

After hearing a positive profile about both Lungren and Bill, the tallies were even closer - 39% for Lungren and 38% for Bill. After hearing about some of Lungren's many shortcomings, including his Hawaii vacation paid for by special interests, his allegiance to the Bush-Cheney administration, and his fondness for taking money from Big Oil, voters chose Bill over Lungren by a margin of 43% to 34%, a difference which is highly statistically significant.

This news should bring more attention to the race for this seat. David Dayen from the Calitics blog wrote:

This could be a good time for outside groups to jump in.  CA-03 is one of those under-the-radar seats nationwide that is very, very winnable, and a late push could easily put Durston over the top.  Furthermore, he's a solid progressive Democrat who supports single-payer.

Once the voters of the 3rd Congressional District learn that Dr. Bill Durston is a decorated Marine combat Vietnam veteran and an emergency room physician, who has served both the country and his community, they will vote for him.  They are even more likely to vote for Bill when they learn that their current Representative, career politician and carpet-bagger Dan Lungren, cares more about the big money corporate special interests than he does about the people of his district. 

Hopefully, once the voters hear about some of Lungren's shortcomings, Durston will take the lead.

With your help, we will prove the politicos wrong and put Bill Durston into office!

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freep this poll

only about 20 have voted so far.

Sorry for the short diary

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Poll: Women are Flocking to Obama, Fleeing from Palin/McCain (O+17!)

A recent Time poll shows Obama making overwhelming strides among women. According to the poll, Obama currently enjoys a 17 point advantage over McCain with women (55%-38%) and a 50%-43% lead overall. Prior to the conventions, Obama's lead with women was 10 points, though his lead shrank to a "virtual tie" (48%-47% O) after McCain's brilliantly gimmicky Palin pick. An examination of the poll results reveals a bleak landscape for McCain going into the final weeks:

In a stark indication of just how much the political landscape has changed over the last four years, white women now favor Obama by three points, 48%-45%; in 2004, George W. Bush won the same demographic by 11 points against John Kerry. Where Bush carried married women by 15 points in that election, 57%-42%, Obama now leads by 6 points, 50%-44%, a 21-point shift.

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SurveyUSA Poll: GA Dem Trails In U.S. Senate Race By 2

Absolutely awesome. Another one comes on the radar, Jerome

We may have a race on our hands for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Republican Saxby Chambliss.

A new WMAZ-TV (Macon) poll conducted by SurveyUSA says that Democrat Jim Martin only trails the Republican by two points.  This latest poll seems to confirm the numbers released by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) yesterday that showed Chambliss leading Martin by just three points [Source:  Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, "New Georgia Poll Shows Martin Within Three Points Of Chambliss", September 29, 2008].

U.S. Senate - Georgia

Saxby Chambliss (R) - 46%

Jim Martin (D) - 44%

Allen Buckley (L) - 5%

Undecided - 5%

[Source:  WMAZ-TV (Macon), "13WMAZ Poll: Obama, Martin Tighten Ga. Races", September 30, 2008]

Twelve days ago, Saxby Chambliss led his Democratic opponent by 17 points in a similar SurveyUSA poll [Source:  Georgia Politics Unfiltered, "SurveyUSA Poll: McCain & Chambliss Hold Big Leads", September 18, 2008]

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FL: Obama 49 - McCain 46 !!

More good news!

<Benefiting from increased voter concern over the economy and the<br> declining popularity of Sarah Palin, Barack Obama has taken a 49-46 lead over John McCain in Florida. A PPP survey conducted three weeks ago, right after the Republican convention, showed McCain leading by five points in the state.
64% of poll respondents named the economy as their top issue, and within that group Obama holds a 55-40 lead. By comparison when PPP asked the same issues question in a January Florida survey just 26% said their biggest concern was the economy, and
McCain led Obama by six points.
Another factor driving movement in Obama's direction in Florida is Sarah Palin's rapidly declining standing with voters in the state. Right after the convention 45% said they were more likely to vote for McCain because of her spot on the ticket, compared to 34% who said they were less likely to do so. Now the number saying Palin makes them more likely to support McCain has gone down to 40%, while the percentage of those saying they are
less likely to do so has ticked up to 41%.>

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