The photo Obama & Gates don't want you to see

Photographs are death to a war, boys and girls. They can asphyxiate a war faster than roadside bombs can even dream. Gates does not want the sprawling, somnolent, inattentive beast, the public, to see what his wars really are. -- Fred Reed, Vietnam War Vet

Although it is not a direct response, I can't think of a better answer to vox humana's concerns (see more in P.S.) about showing the truth of war than an essay by Fred Reed (excerpted below the fold). Reed is reacting to Secretary of War Robert Gates getting upset a day or two ago because the AP decided to publish a photograph of the death of American soldier Joshua Bernard in Afghanistan.

Here's what Gates said:

"I cannot imagine the pain and suffering Lance Corporal Bernard's death has caused his family. Why your organisation would purposefully defy the family's wishes, knowing full well that it will lead to yet more anguish, is beyond me.

"Your lack of compassion and common sense in choosing to put this image of their maimed and stricken child on the front page of multiple American newspapers is appalling."

Here's some of Fred Reed's response:

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A Tale of Two Rallies

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Two rallies were held this past weekend in Alaska.  One, for the McCain-Palin ticket.  The other: Obama-Biden.

Which one got more support by about a four-to-one margin?


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Obama/Biden in Dublin, OH (pics!)

I was at the Obama/Biden appearance in Dublin, Ohio (suburb of Columbus) last night. There was an insane number of people there, at Dublin Coffman High School's football stadium and astroturf playing field. Press estimates are 20,000+ attendance.

Introductory speakers were John Patrick Carney, running for the Ohio House, Rich Cordray, running for Ohio Attorney General, Mary Jo Kilroy, running for US Congress in the 15th District, Sen. Sherrod Brown, Gov. Ted Strickland and Sen. John Glenn.

Here are some photos:

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Fourth of July photo diary - Mississippi

I'm not sure what the rules are for photo blogs. Someone holler at me if I've done something wrong. I'll take the diary down if asked.

I went to the July 4th celebration at the city park in a small town in northern MS today. There were 2,000-3,000 people there by my estimate. A very mixed crowd. Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Orientals,  Philipinos, and probably more races and ethnic groups that I didn't see.

It was a big family event. Lots of kids, teenagers, and adults of all ages. I spoke to one older couple who said they were both in their 90's.

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Maybe This Is the Answer? Winning?

A Win is not a WIN.. (none / 0) thing to keep in mind here as we discuss the "Dressed" photos.  While a "win" of ANY kind is preferrable for the HRC campaign in OH & TX, the FACT is that a simple 10 point win is not enough.

If she fails to blow Obama out by more than 25 points (give or take), she STILL is well behind Barack in pledged delgates.  Without hte landslides, she can't hope to catch up as the last remaining big state is PA.

The HRC camp knows this of course which is why they are throwing everything at him including, it seems, the photo.

I believe that this stuff may have more to do with making sure she can raise the 5 million she needs to pay herself back than it does "winning" in OH/TX or anywhere else.  She needs to demonstrate fight to keep the donations pouring in.

I find this expalnation more palatable in defending her character.  If this is true at least we can safely say she doesn't mean it..that a mea culpa wil be forthcoming.

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