Step it Up for People-Powered Politics

Recently fellow blogger Eddie in ME alerted me to a situation in Maine in which Rita Moran, the Kennebec County Democratic Committee chair, got kicked out of her elected position as DNC Women by establishment trickery.

Here in the netroots we pride our selfs in being part of the people-powered politics movement but this is the time when we need to step it up and take action on behalf of people-powered politics! In this essay I'll try to give a brief of what happened and how we can take action!

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The Perfect Storm 2008

On May 17th, 2003, Joe Trippi posted a blog entry at the unofficial Dean Nation weblog entitled simply, The Perfect Storm. In that post, since reprinted many times elsewhere, he wrote like the prophet he is:

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Global Warming and People-Powered Politics

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First, let me extend another heartfelt thank you to the netroots community for the support my team and I received in the Democracy for America Grassroots All-Stars Contest.  Circumstances prevented me from responding directly to many of your comments and questions to diaries posted during the week as I was constantly traveling from one event to another, all the while feverishly making phone calls in my free time during the competition.  But today I am here and will be answering questions for the next few hours.

Today I want to talk about Global Warming and Climate Change and how it relates to people-powered politics.  During this past week we talked a lot about people-powered politics.  One important goal is to speak truth to power when power is threatening the liberty of the people and/or working against the best interests of the people.  This is especially true with respect to Global Warming where the damage we are facing is not just to a singular group but rather to the entire planet.

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Don Imus and what's ailing the media

Looking back at the exchange of ideas that started with this story and now continues with this one, I'd like to further engage in the discussion of the Don Imus saga, specifically as it relates to the free-speech issues so important in today's society. To that end, I'd also like to dive into the issues Matt, a journalism graduate school friend, brought up in his latest comments.

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Don Imus and free speech

In response to something I wrote about the Don Imus saga Friday, Matt, a journalism graduate school friend of mine, replied and made his case quite succinctly. Another friend, Karl, weighed in, as did I. With our back-and-forth in mind, I'd like to add some detail to my point-of-view. If I may make so bold, Matt's entire argument can be summarized in his own words: "By calling for (and ultimately causing) the firing of Don Imus, it sets a bad precedent for free speech." I disagree, and, though I am as firm a defender of free speech as he, I would like to take this argument in a different direction, speaking to both the issues of our freedoms and the role of the people-powered movement in the debate.

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