Where Art Thou Oh American Patriot

Where Art Thou Oh American Patriot

Where Art Thou Oh American Patriot
Where is that feeling we once so nobly had;
That was once so high so honorable so bold,
That it radiated through hearts to the heavens
Of the young of the old
Beyond to the edge of the oceans
To the ends of the mountains
To the bottom of the seas,
Of that national "group think",
America make me love you or leave me,
That wonderful sense of American pride and conscientiousness objections,
That once so wonderfully united Americans in the past,
And kept us fighting and screaming at family gatherings and get-togethers
From the antiwar demonstrations of the late 60's and early 70's,  
To the silly wonderful arguing and yelling
Between Archie Bunker and Michael Stivic,
The consensus that we so wisely once demonstrated and so nobly have shown
At the times necessary for our national survival, identity, dignity and pride.
And where is that united and community feeling we had as a people
During the last two major world wars,
Or when we met under a steeple
Or during the almost terminal fratricidal American Civil War,
The one that almost permanently divided
And ended this nation's
National bonds and borders forever.
Where art thou oh American Patriot
Willing to conscientiously object
Oh to scream love it or leave it
Where art thou

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How patriotic are you?

Now, it could just be the after-effects of the myraid cold, flu, sore throat and stuffy nose medicines I'm presently using, but stories like this make me very, very cranky. It seems that Pat O'Brien, owner of a local Chevrolet dealership, has a problem with the city of Westlake's patriotism. Or, more specifically, the city's obvious hate-America-first attitude in the face of O'Brien's unwavering defense of liberty. Or, even more specifically, O'Brien wants to be able to break the law to hang a giant American flag. Could O'Brien hang any number of smaller flags and stay within the law? Sure, but small flags do not a patriot - or a good salesman - make.

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and pretends gratitude for the mushroom food tossed in their direction in times of republican need.

I see where the VFW chose to endorse a Republican candidate who has never served in the military and repudiate a Democratic candidate who is not only a Vet but lost both legs in the Occupation of Iraq. If the local VFW comes calling to recruit me into membership, they need to send someone like Bill Moyer, a 73-year-old vet who wore the "bullshit protector" in his ear while at the VFW convention.

The apparent thinking as voiced by the VFW endorsing entity had to do with the Repug's track record of cheap talk and votes in support of military and or veteran issues ... as if a Veteran in Congress would not vote with an even greater wisdom.

There is a horrendous naiveté in this action in that VFW veterans who have been there and done that have taken a coward's route perhaqps voting more their pensions and benefits than a veteran's genuine desire for national well-being. If so, this in a way makes of the VFW, the same corporate capitalists as jokers like Norquist and others who accept money from business in exchange for votes and endorsements.

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Crossroads: America's Moral Dilemma

The concept of morality is a complex topic that elicits passion and consternation as people of differing beliefs attempt to validate their own particular versions. I've always found it a little odd that God would only provide us with Ten Commandments when it should have been obvious that we would need an abundance of guidance and far more detail if we were to ever be able to reach some mutual consensus. Perhaps that is a factor in my skepticism regarding the Bible as the actual word of God.

I've long wondered what would motivate a God to speak definitively to a select number of people at only one defined period in history...and never have returned to do it again. Further, if someone were to assert that God had spoken directly to them in this day and age, they would likely be determined mentally incompetent...yet we cling to beliefs that cannot be verified and that were reinterpreted time and again over centuries of time. Unfortunately, we cannot definitely resolve any of these conundrums so we struggle to define our morality each day through the decisions and the actions we exhibit.

When I attempt to discern morality, I usually look for consistency...an issue I've previously discussed here at Thought Theater. The premise of my argument is that the application of morality should remain consistent across all elements of an individual's life in order for it to be considered more than the rhetoric of what I might characterize as politics...the means by which we negotiate to impose the "truths" we hold upon others within society. All too often I find the morality ("truths") of many whom I encounter to be inconsistent and that leads me to doubt the sincerity of their beliefs. While none of us holds a monopoly on "truth", we can nonetheless consistently live the "truths" we embrace. Perhaps that is the best we humans can achieve?

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Salt Lake City Rally Protests the Bush Administration and Congress

Dear friends:

I delivered this address this afternoon on the occasion of a visit by President Bush, Secretary Rice, and Secretary Rumsfeld to Salt Lake City. Thank you for all the work you are doing to stand up and speak out against the disastrous policies of the Bush administration and our Congress.

Best regards,

Mayor Rocky Anderson
Salt Lake City, Utah

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