OBAMA: May Face Grilling On Patriotism

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Where's The Beef

    Lou Dobbs, the anchor of Lou Dobbs Tonight on CNN, has sometimes expressed views I support, the US flag in the lapel flap is not one of them. According to Mr. Dobbs he began to wear his flag pin following the 9/11 attacks to show respect for those killed and support for the "war on Islamist extremists". I have never understood why some people feel it is necessary to display these symbols of nationality inside the country. I understand national pride and support displaying the flag in front of government buildings or national shrines, I understand displaying it on certain holidays, but to display it on your lapel seems a bit over the top. The problem I have with it is that it seems unnecessary and has been co-opted by forces that I choose not to associate myself with.

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Brent Budowsky: Born in the U.S.A.

From MakeThemAccountable.com:

Born In The U.S.A.

By Brent Budowsky

In an upcoming 60 Minutes Bruce Springsteen will advance a profound debate about the true nature of Americanism.

It is time for progressives to light up the sky with patriotism, to rewrite the rules of our current debates, to rekindle that timeless spirit that has made America America for more than two hundred years.

From the internet to the arts, from the houses of Congress to the houses of worship, from the movie theaters to the concert halls, from the community organizers to the corporate boardrooms, from the studios of progressive radio to the grassroots of the real America, we should seize the high ground of American patriotism, American values, American ideals, our American history, the American spirit and the American future.

Let freedom ring.


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A Fuller Spectrum of News on this July 4th?

I hope you enjoyed your fireworks.  There actually wasn't that much fog in SF, so you could see them this year.  That's always fun.  But how did the 4th go across the internets?  Well, I actually found this kinda funny:

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Why is this funny? Well, funny is a strong word. Let's say sad.  Get a "fuller spectrum of news" over the flip. (BTW, this is from Calitics)

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McCarthyism Is Alive And Well

    Last night I watched the Bill Moyers Journal  entitled, "Buying The War". What this administration did in the run up to the war was criminal. They bullied, coerced, and lied throughout the whole process. What the media did was worse than criminal, it was cowardly. It merely points out the need for all of us to remain vigilant, because we no longer have any one willing to question the party line. The overriding sentiment expressed by reporter after reporter was a pervasive fear that they would be cast as unpatriotic if they questioned the information being put out by the administration. Does this sound familiar?

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