The tragedy of the left

Like Sen. Obama, I do not put my hand on my heart during the national anthem and I do not pledge allegiance to our flag.  However, if a President Obama is really going to change Washington, he needs to be able to explain why.

Much has been made of the unfairness of the Nash-McCabe question last Tuesday as to whether Sen. Obama believes in the American flag.  This question may have been loaded, but it was also a teaching moment.  A moment in which Sen. Obama had a chance to prove whether or not he has the capacity to change our country's dialogue.

It's a moment in which we begin talking about our extraordinary accomplishments as a civilization.  For, the contributions of the United States of America are unparalleled in human history.  When I hear the "Star Spangled Banner" or see the stars and stripes, I feel a rush of emotion the intensity of which I find somewhat embarrassing.  For me, ultimately, these emotions are driven in my pride in our national good works.  

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Bill Moyers on Patriotism

If I can name one journalist who comes closest to my ideal of the "heroic", it would have to be Bill Moyers.  He has been a steadfast soldier in pushing back against the MSM's war on progressive politics, and he has been active for generations.
I met him on an airplane flight to Omaha one summer, and he was casually traveling with a small band of grandchildren in tow.  The man is the real deal.

I am going to post a comment Bill made back in 2/03 about wearing a flag pin on his lapel.  I thought it apropos of a certain hot topic here at the MyDD.  It's short but sweet.  Check it out:

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The quicksand of anti-patriotism, is it pulling on Obama?

The anti-patriotic comments are starting to swirl around Obama, it is becoming a pattern, and don't think Rove and company are not taking notice of how weak a candidate Obama would thus be in the general. 408/Roves_antiObama_roadmap_patriotism.h tml

They started with the lapel pin (and indeed this resonated in interviews in the NYT this week with Pennsylvania voters) but now they are getting assists from Obama's own team.  This exposes Obama's rookie handling of big sensitive situation - the Iraq war.

The latest from WV Senator Jay Rockefeller impugning McCain's war experience. 8/04/08/mccain-camp-calls-on-obama-to-de nounce-smear/

One does not have to be a supporter of John McCain's politics to appreciate why this is a crass thing to say, a gigantic gaffe, and why Obama will own this kind of talk from his supporters - especially when thousands of young American men and women are walking in McCain's shoes right now in Iraq.

The Democrat who has always handled the military service issue impeccably is Al Franken - never attacking the warrior, only attacking the war.  I think Obama does not know what he is getting into, and it is gaffes like this that underscore for me why Hillary is better able to handle the general election than Obama is.  Obama comes off as too arrogant about the military, this will not fly.

Roll this into the comments from Michelle Obama about being ashamed of her country (and BTW - she has completely disappeared from the press??)  and the mother of all military insulters Rev. Wright and we do not have a winning Democrat in Obama.

Good thing that 12 million people still have to vote.

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Thank You To A Friend Going To War

I don't know her that well.  

We only met a few months ago, but we clicked instantly.  We like the same things: NPR and the Op-Ed page of the New York Times (well, sometimes, anyway).  David Sedaris and liberal blogs.  The Violent Femmes.  The Blues Brothers.  Socialized healthcare.

We oppose the same things, too.  We both marched against the war way back in 2002.  We both oppose the Bush Administration.  And the whinier side of feminism.  (And we're both women who majored in women's studies in college.)

But there's one big difference between us: In two weeks, I'm hopping a plane to L.A. to celebrate Passover with my family.  

And she is flying to Iraq.

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HBO's John Adams: Non-Election Entry 1

The first in a series of Gunslinger's observations that while are in the realm of America...have absolutely NOTHING to do with the continuing and bothersome fight between the HRC and BHO camps.

So, tonight...I wish to discuss John Adams.  I have seen some great work produced by HBO films, but ladies and gents, if you have not heard of or seen John Adams...take a load off, take a break from the campaign here and bear witness to the story of REAL fighting and REAL trouble.

The movie is of course a adaptation of McCoullough's brilliant biography of Adams, his family, and his role as the sort of the heart of the revolution.  Where Washington was the man of action, the reluctant but brave general, and Jefferson was the brains and the soul of the was Adams who risks more, and is the heart and guts of the effort...and the one who gets little of the credit.  Washington and Jefferson are the ones, no?

Anyway, the acting is superb, and Tom Wilkinson as Ben Franklin steals nearly every damn scene he is in. It is historically accurate, well-written, and if it doesn't sweep next years emmys....color me shocked.

Oh and it is produced by Tom Hanks too!

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