Where the heck did my country go to?

This diary may be shorter than some may like but it needs to be stated. Where is this country headed, and is it headed there in a handbasket? Listen, I'm actually a reformed McCain supporter, but how is this guy seriously doing any of the following: 1). Leading the question of which candidate will keep you safer? 2). Wooing Democrats and women's right's supporters and 3).Scoring 60% favorable ratings. Let's look step by step.

Question 1). We have a candidate who claims to want to keep our troops in Iraq, where even the most ardent supporters state we have most of our resources tied up. So what does a candidate for president do. First, he sings about bombing a sovereign nation for the world to see while running for the highest office in the land. So then less than 6 months later, he responds to a crisis halfway across the world in a matter of hours, as oppossed to waiting for the situation (of no harm to us) to crystalize before shooting his mouth off. This is the guy that is going to keep us safe? Really? Am I missing something? Bellicose is now a peace strategy?

Question 2). Do I really even need to go into what a guy who states he has a 30 year career of opposing women's rights has in store for us? I do, really, I really need to compare Barack and John's plans for women's rights. children's health care to up to 28% of Clinton supporters? I really need to state that for those poor to lower middle class whites in the midwest and south that another 4-8 years of Bush's economic policies is probably not the best idea, g Really, given the current state of affairs? Am I missing something else?

Question 3). A crotchety old man who can't talk issues so he keeps sending out ads comparing his opponent to heiresses and pop stars, who lies in every ad, and who states his opponent only speaks out due to political ambition (says the other dude running for president who as a POW never discusses his POW days, except in every sentence?)

Where is the intelligence in this country? Are people really this content? What am I missing? I even invite the Barack jeering section in here to tell me what's what, please, because I JUST DON'T GET IT!!!

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Progressive Patriotism an Oxymoron? I Don't Think So.

For this fourth of July weekend, I went on a rafting trip in Western Colorado with 21 friends. While feasting on turkey chorizo sausages at our campsite, I happened to introduce the ever-so-patriotic subject of the shortages of America's health care system. One woman told me about her uncle, who, while on his motorcycle, was hit by a drunk driver who had no insurance and had to have his leg amputated. When told by his insurance that a prosthetic that would allow him to continue his active lifestyle was considered elective and was not covered, he underwent training to make the prosthetics himself. He since has dedicated his work to providing prosthetic limbs to people whose insurance won't cover them, and fighting to get prosthetics covered by all health insurance carriers.

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John McCain: Self Over Country?

John McCain's new television ad claims that John McCain, in searching for bipartisan solutions, has always put his country before his political ambitions.  [I do not not have youtube at work, so I cannot post the video, but here's a link from TPM for the ad.]  Really?

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Is Barack Obama Patriotic? Is Any Politician?

by Walter Brasch

    Barack Obama spent the Fourth of July in Montana.  A Red State. A state that few think he can win. A state that gave huge margins to George Bush the past two elections.

    But here he was. On Independence Day. Marching in a parade. Hosting a picnic for hundreds. Trying to rally support for his Presidential run. Trying to show that he can appeal to voters of every political, social, and economic demographic. His web site tells us he "shook hands, kissed babies, signed autographs and posed for pictures." Patriotism just oozed out of his every pore.

    Barack Obama is now as patriotic as the electorate wants him to be. During most of the primaries, he didn't wear a flag pin on his lapel. He didn't think wearing pins makes one patriotic, or not wearing one makes someone unpatriotic. But, the right-wing lambasted him for that. Now he wears a flag pin.

    And every speech he makes, he is now flanked by several American flags. Just in case anyone thinks he isn't patriotic. Or is a foreigner. Or worse, a Muslim.

    Barack Obama has changed in other ways. Once he said he would pull the U.S. out of Iraq. End that war. Now, he's calling for a phased withdrawal.

    Once, he opposed innumerable pieces of legislation sent to the Senate by the Bush-Cheney Administration--and which a Republican Congress rubber stamped. Now, as the presumptive Democratic nominee for President, he voted a bill that granted immunity to telephone companies that violated both established federal law and the 4th Amendment to the Constitution when they voluntarily gave personal data about subscribers to the government.

    Once, he said he would accept government restrictions and decline the excessive private contributions that have muddied politics. Now, with a campaign war chest at least two or three times greater than John McCain's, he changed his mind and is taking whatever he can get--and doesn't have to report who gave what.

    Barack Obama isn't the only politician to forsake some of his principles for the greater principle--do whatever it takes to get elected. Hillary Clinton moved more to the center when she began to think she could be the next president, and even voted for the renewal of the unconstitutional PATRIOT Act. John McCain, by any standards a conservative, began playing even more to the right-wing when the evangelical Christians challenged some of his beliefs and voting record. Every politician, even the most maverick ones, say they need to get elected to do whatever it is they want to do. But, once in office they continue to do whatever is necessary to stay in office and get re-elected.

    Barack Obama, like every other politician, needs to reflect upon the principles of what the Founding Fathers wanted. And maybe every politician should decide that on this Independence Day weekend, it is time to declare that once and forever they will follow their convictions, their beliefs, and declare themselves to be independent, now and forever, not only of special interests, but also of pandering for votes.

    [Walter Brasch has covered politics and presidential campaigns more than 40 years. He is professor of journalism at Bloomsburg University, a syndicated columnist, and author of 17books. His latest book is Sinking the Ship of State: The Presidency of George W. Bush, available through amazon.com and other stores.]

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What Patriotism Really Looks Like



(Proudly cross-posted at Clintonistas for Obama and Democratic PartyBuilder)

Is it just me, or is there something truly special about the Fourth of July holiday? I know, I know, it should be special to all of us because it's when we celebrate what our nation is about. I guess I'm just blessed that I'm able to see and experience this holiday in a special way.

It's fast becoming a tradition for me to march with my local Democratic Party in the world-famous Huntington Beach Fourth of July Parade. And when I march with my fellow Democrats in the parade, I notice something amazing. I also noticed this afterwards, when I was working with local Barack Obama volunteers on voter registration.

You know what it is? I'll tell you after the flip...

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