Independents Rejoice: Ex-Nixon Counsel Calls for Support of Feingold Censure Resolution

Today, A die-hard republican and key member of the Richard Nixon Administration called for his party to support the Feingold Bush Censure resolution.. enate.censure.ap/index.html

This member of the white house staff is a man named John Dean. Dean was a party to the White House/ Watergate scandal and saw America come apart at the seams over the impeachment proceedings of a president.

His message is simple - he is urging the Senate to support, and act upon a Censure resolution that does, what the original censure resolution wanted to do: avert the disruption of an entire country by showing the world that America can recognize bad government, and effectively admonish those responsible.

The conservatives are our friends: they are the ones who are working for more effecient government. What bush has created, is far from a conservative  government - it is a bizarre, evangelical, ultimately - a fascist state-planning commitee whose use of unbridled force in the world has tagged america with a 200 billion dollar a year albatross around her neck; as Colin Powell said - the "Effing crazies are in charge".

Democrats are conservative - they are well aware of Katrina excess, of all the lobbying going on that has resulted in environmental catastrophe and unheard of government ineffeciency so profound the first attack on American soil has been suffered in nearly 170 years of history.  They seek lowest cost solutions to such problems as Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Afghanistan, and Al Qaeda - not only that, they seek better solutions - they are hardly the free spending, evangelicals that are now in power. A bush republican, is not a republican.

Dean Democrats are people who can balance budgets, and fight for what is right.  This is another Dean, one who served his country well - speaking up for what we all know to be true: President George W. Bush deserves Censure, from the American people - his legacy must be marked by some accountability for his actions.

Should he ignore the censure resolution in a signing statement, it would galvanize the entire American spectrum for a radical change in government. Dean knows what he's talking about.

And Dean, the Dem, knows what to do, when America is ready for direct action. Thats what the Russ Feingold supporters are saying: lets stop talking and get something done.

If the person standing next to you claims to be a conservative, and supports bush, then you know you've met the enemy. What you're seeing here, is a great republican - a true conservative finally standing up and saying enough is enough: America needs to stop the wild ride of George W. Bush now, or it will cost us millions later.

Support Dean. Support - .. Dean.

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An open letter to G.H.W. and Barbara Bush...

Dear President George H.W. Bush and Barbara Bush:

I believe it is important to ask you certain questions of historical import regarding the presidency of your son, George W. Bush, and to also satisfy my own curiosity.

Please allow me to preface my questions and remarks with this statement: Mr. President, you lost reelection in 1992 because you broke your pledge, "Read my lips. No new taxes." At the time, and still now, I think it was one of the most selfless acts I've ever seen by an elected official. You deliberately sacrificed your political career to do what you knew had to be done for America and raised taxes. For that, Sir, you will always have my respect and gratitude for having integrity that is now completely lacking in the Republican Party, generally, and George W. Bush's administration, specifically;

So I must ask: Are you proud your son orders the kidnapping and torture of people?

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Project: Un-Redefine Patriotism [POLL]

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I'm sick and tired of hearing the Bushies and the Traditional Media label good old First Amendment protected expressions of disagreement with the President as some sort of unpatriotic anti-American act.  I'm equally tired of hearing them assert that the only valid form of patriotism is unthinking acquiescence to King George.

Our Founding Fathers didn't buy it.  Neither do I.  I'm betting you don't either.  So, I want to do something about it.  I want to get the Dissent Is Patriotic message out there.  I want to remind people that it was dissent with King George's policies that launched this nation in the first place.  That dissent is just about the most patriotic thing a citizen can do.

And I want your help to do it.  How?  There's more...

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A New Pledge of Allegiance for a New America

We’ve become a nation selfish to a fault.

We don’t want to pay taxes, but we want services.

We launch hate filled screeds about taxes as tyranny, yet don’t lift a finger to stop the steady erosion of real constitutional rights.

We rebel against the idea that health care is a right and then complain about how high the insurance rates of the insured explode from de facto coverage for those who have none.

Social Security is an unfair entitlement to those who don’t use it. It’s what keeps a loaf of bread in the house when they do.

If poor people need help, let them visit the local church. Of course, they’ll be taken care of… if they aren’t gay, or Muslim, or mentally unstable, or any of a thousand other reasons.

Unemployed people are a bunch of lazy goldbrickers living off the public dole. Unless, of course, we become them.

We want to cut taxes to cut a deficit, but want to give more tax revenue to businesses who pass it along to shareholders with nary a job created.

It’s only a matter of time…

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United State of Me, and to the republic which only I want, one person, among millions, and selfishly, with as little liberty and justice as possible for anyone who disagrees with me.

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