Mystery Democratic Theater 2006: Path To 9-11

OK, since Tuesday I've been feverishly working on a YouTube special event.  Originally Arken suggested to me last Sunday that we do a "Mystery Science Theater 3000" treatment to Disney's hackumentary "The Path To 9-11." After a couple days of technical difficulties, we finally did it using nothing more than a Macbookpro for video, sound and editing.

I can now officially present to you, with a budget of $15 for beer (approximately $39.999985 million less than the actual movie), Part 1 of a 2-part series.

link (I don't want to embed, as it is kinda copyrighted material)

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PT911: Holy Crap! A Thanks from Bill Clinton

(cross-posted at The California Courage Campaign and DailyKos)

From all the comments we received both HERE and HERE regarding our Path To 9-11 protest outside Disney on Friday, it's clear that the idea of the protest struck a chord with people from all over the country. You guys were watching and thanking us for standing up for the truth on your behalf.

Turns out, someone else was watching.

Over the flip, check out what our Chair, Rick Jacobs, received in his inbox yesterday.

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Video of Courage Campaign's Path To 9-11 Protest

Bumped. Also, Courage Campaign was our partner with the accountability poll. Rock out Courage! - Matt

Yesterday, The Courage Campaign organized a demonstration outside Disney headquarters over ABC's airing of their crock-u-drama "Path To 9-11."

Here's some video of the event.

A recap over the flip.

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