Embrace Partisanship

Democrats need to get their minds around this, and they need to do it in a hurry.  The 2006 Congressional elections are not about "reaching across the isle"in any way whatsoever.  On the contrary, they are going to be, as they have been for the past three election cycles at least, totally about partisanship.

Tony Snow threw down the gauntlet, tipping us off as to Rove's scheme for the upcoming elections.  And in a nutshell, Rove will have the main stream media explaining over and over about how far to the left Democrats have moved, and how Americans cannot trust a bunch of extreme left-wingers to run the country.  For Rove and the Republicans, it is a pretty good plan.  Rove is a master of deceit and misdirection, and let's face it, the man knows how to scheme.  Painting Democrats as a threat is old hat for this bunch - and you'd better believe, they are poised to do it again.

However, there is one certain way, and as it happens, a necessary way, to defeat this strategy.

Embrace it.

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