Introduction for some small business:Some kinds of packaging solutions.

Introduction for some small business:Some kinds of packaging solutions.

Packaging ideas and options are very important for any new business owner producing products, reselling products, or storing products. Packaging is an integral part of marketing and can also help reduce product loss. When determining packaging options, a packaging designer or consultant should be considered. Normally a smart packaging designer is an excellent option to assist in marketing efforts. A professional packaging design will allow products to stand out on the shelves and help build brand recognition. A good packaging consultant is an all-in-one packaging adviser. They will help or know who to recommend for packaging design, efficiency, materials, machines, and a whole host of other issues. Both services are great to consider when sales are high enough to warrant it. 

Many small start-up businesses do not have the option of hiring professionals due to budget constraints. We are going to offer a couple of options to consider. Packaging design is not our specialty, but recommending materials and supplies to small start-up companies is something we often help with.

One of the most cost-effective professional packaging ideas we recommend is a clear plastic packaging material with a professional sticker. For small start-up companies this option is professional, offers low start-up costs, and low material costs. Below is a list of some of our clear plastic packaging options.

1)Poly Tubing: An excellent option for long cylindrical objects. Often used for objects made out of wood or metal. Polyethylene comes up to six mils thick which can handle very heavy and pointed objects. Most companies using poly tubing to package products use a heat sealer to close both open ends.

2)Poly Bags: An excellent choice for a large selection of products from food products to hardware. Poly bags have a lot of versatility from the variety of sizes, thicknesses, and closure techniques. Lay flat poly bags can be closed with tape, staples, twist ties, and even sealed shut. Ziplock poly bags have an easy close top just like home use ziplock bags, but much more cost-effective buying in bulk.

3)Shrink Tubing: Unlike poly tubing, shrink tubing will conform to the product being wrapped. Shrink tubing is not as durable as the thicker poly tubing and is recommended for lighter weight objects. A sealer and a heat tunnel or heat gun works great for shrink tubing.

4)Shrink Wrap Bags/Rolls: Used for consumable and non-consumable products around the world. Shrink wrap offers a great way to cover and protect products while still displaying products for customers to see what they are buying.

Lastly, boxes are one of the most popular options for small start-up enterprises to pack their products. Beware that custom printed boxes are often expensive with high minimum order requirements. Boxes used with the proper void-fill can contain and protect products during transportations and shopping.



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