Oh this can't be good.  The Financial Times is reporting this morning that the Pentagon is claiming it can't seem to locate "sensitive" parts for building nuclear weapons.

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PBS show on US Iraq Contractor enslaving workers from Third World nations and bringing them to Iraq

I don't know if anyone is watching PBS, but I am watching a show on PBS that is describing a horiffic story about a US company, K*R, a subsidiary of Halli***ton, a large US company with government connections.

The show is about a process of human trafficking, and it spotlights the case of 12 missing workers. the show describes a process they used of getting - and keeping workers in Iraq. Its incredibly heartbreaking.

The show describes a process in which the people who buy the workers from Third World human trafficers for these contractors are insulated from liability. There appears to be a huge human pipeline that enables these companies to make huge profits because they pay their workers, who often come from South Asian countries and HAVE TO PAY BROKERS FOR THEIR JOBS.. very low wages, then base their contract prices on what similar workers would make in the US. they actually bragged about this! They took their passports when they entered Iraq so they could not leave.

The 12 people were kitchen workers - They were told they were going to be working in hotels in Jordan, but then they were instead brought to Iraq by people K*R described as 'subcontractors' and abandoned by the side of a highway where they were kidnapped by an Iraqi terrorist army, held for ransom, which it appears was ignored, and executed.

Is anyone watching this? Its a heartbreaking story.

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Stealing food from the poor

In the late 1990s, the government decided to reform welfare. In many states, part of this reform involved outsourcing the administration of government services to private, for-profit companies. New York Times reporter Jason DeParle looked at the result of this privatization in his 2004 book, American Dreams, and noted one company in particular that personified the mismanagement and waste that occurred because of government outsourcing - Maximus.

DeParle's research into Maximus's government contracting found widespread waste and mismanagement of taxpayer money. In 2004, he wrote for Washington Monthly,

[Maximus] spent $100,000 of program money on backpacks, coffee mugs, and other promotional fluff. It spent tens of thousands on employee entertainment. It spent $3,000 to take clients roller-skating and $2,600 for professional clowns. Though Maximus later agreed to repay $500,000 to the state and donate another $500,000 to community groups, the true extent of the waste will never be known because the records were in such disarray.

Jason DeParle was not alone in discovering shoddy - and even corrupt - billing practices by the company.

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Free Trade vs Smart Trade, Edwards takes on the Supply-Siders

Since the days of Reagan, America has been chasing a Theory.

Since the Clinton era, and the rise of NAFTA and Global Free Trade, our "Corporate Leaders" have been conducting an unprecedented Social Experiment.

The Experiment: Economic Darwinism

The Test Subjects in this Experiment: none other than American Workers and our "more competitive" counterparts, overseas.

Supply-siders have argued that Economic Growth comes from empowering Corporate Interests to become "More Productive", by whatever means necessary. Be it "Tax-Give-aways to the Wealthy", or "Job-Give-aways to Poor Foreigners", well that's just fine with them, long is it results in Corporate Growth.

Supply-siders are happy to trade away American Dignity for the sake of short-term Profits: "American Workers just need some retraining. They just need to apply themselves."

"We just need to learn to Adapt" ... (to Global Markets?)

That's the Theory, that's the Spin.  What are the Results of this on-going plan to outsource the American Dream?

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Hillary and non-American employees

Hillary Clinton is the presumptive front-runner.  The question remains, if she does win and becomes POTUS, who will benefit?

It doesn't look as if actual American workers are high on her list.

Some workers are.  THe middle class workers are not.  In specific, HRC is out to INCREASE H-1B visas and CUT the jobs of actual American workers.

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