A Young Voter's Response to the Democratic Strategist

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The Democratic Strategist has an interesting piece in this month's issue on how the Democrats can capture the partisanship of the "MySpace Generation."

From an historical standpoint, its a great article.  Lots of information about partisan ID of young voters between 1976 and 2006.  Watching the youth vote swing from Democrat, to heavy Republican, and back again is fascinating (yes - in the 1980's, the Republicans owned the youth vote).    It also reiterates a few key points that have been made before on Future Majority:

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The Real Value of Second Life

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I've been skeptical of the value of Second Life - as both a type of social network and more particularly as a campaign resource - for quite a while.  It's never struck me as a place that is highly populated by a desirable audience that isn't reachable as part of another, larger (or niche) audience.  And I've never seen the real value in it as anything other than a novelty.

Social Web guru Clay Shirky is putting stats to that claim.  Any campaign interested in pursuing a Second Life strategy should read his recent article dissecting the hype that surrounds Second Life.

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10 Reasons for the Netroots to Reach Out to Environmentalists

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I am an environmentalist.  I have been since I was very small.  And I'm a netroots activist - I haven't been that quite so long, but I have been reading political blogs since I was too young to drive a car.  

In this post, Matt Stoller of MyDD lists some broad tactics to guide the netroots in building a people-powered movement for the coming years.  #2 on the list was: "Expand our netroots base: Let's get more people involved.  Let's build bridges to different communities, and bring their influentials onto the internet to engage in dialogue." 

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Progressive Youth Organizing: Deconstructing Music for America

A conversation began on Future Majority a few weeks ago about the effectiveness of Music for America's model for reaching and activating young voters.  It started here, with a segment of Alex's thesis devoted to his experience volunteering with MFA in 2004.  Both MFA's executive and communications directors posted replies to Alex.  It continued here, in a response Alex wrote.  In the comments section, where a conversation evolved between Alex, myself, and Mark Ristaino, MFA's current communications director, about the problems with MFA's organizational model and execution (disclosure - I was MFA's founding communications director and, while I haven't officially worked for them in almost 2 years, I still give advice occasionally).

This post is an effort to keep this conversation going and find ways to transform MFA into an effective organization and maximize its impact in the 2008 election cycle.  

Join the conversation.

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Howard Dean eliminates GLBT post at DNC

This was in my inbox.  I find it awfully disconcerting:

As most of you know, Eric Stern resigned as Director of GLBT Outreach at the DNC back in February 2005, when he became Executive Director of the Stonewall Democrats. Unforunately, his old position has remained vacant.

The Gay and Lesbian Americans Caucus of the Democratic National
Committee made it clear that they would like to see a new GLBT Outreach Director selected. In their statement they asked that the DNC pledge to maintain and fund at least one full-time senior-level position of Director of GLBT Outreach at the DNC, whose primary responsibility will be policy and organizing.

Well today we have our answer.  Having been a strong supporter of Howard Dean, I'm greatly saddened by this decision.  If you are as mad about this as I am, there will be an excellent opportunity to protest this decision next week.  Howard Dean will be appearing in DC at HALO (1435 P Street, NW) from 6:30 to 8:00 PM on Tuesday February 7th .  If your are interested in gathering outside HALO to protest this decision, please let me know.


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