Barack Obama - A rebuttal to Matt Stoller

I don't have front page abilities or my own blog which is read by thousands of people. But, I'll still post my rebuttal to Matt's attack on Sen. Obama. And although criticism is not necessarily an attack, consistent criticism directed in the direction of one person is in fact an attack.

I'm unclear about why Matt is so obsessed with attacking the Junior Senator from Illinois. It is fair to call on him to support legislation or recolutions like Sen. Feingold's call for censure. It is fair to even ask him to take on a higher profile role given his public stature.

But, it is also fair to examine his record and see how he's done thus far.

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Mr. Obama Goes to Washington

In the Nation this week, I have a major piece on Illinois Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL). He called me many months ago after I wrote a few critical pieces of him (here and here), and after a long conversation, I asked to spend a day with him in Washington to ask him some questions. He agreed and the piece is the result of that interview.

I wanted to get a sense of what Obama wants for himself - rather than what we the public are projecting onto him. And in exploring that question, I found the answers were not easy to find. He strongly supports some very progressive policies, but he also called Sen. Paul Wellstone a "gadfly" - a negative term that suggests Obama doesn't aspire to pursue a similar courageous path as the late progressive hero from Minnesota charted.

To be sure, Obama is a sincere guy who has great talent and great potential - but only if he is willing to reject Washington's definition of "mainstream" and use his talents to redefine "mainstream" to make it represent ordinary people. The question remains: does he have the guts - or desire - to take on that monumental task? You can read the full piece here to see my attempts to find the answer.

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'New Yorker': cringemaking quotage from top Dems

You wouldn't exactly call it a hit piece. Or at least, it's not scribe Jeffrey Goldberg who does most of the hitting. Dem honchos save him the trouble.

Moreover, there aren't loads of attack quotes from officials close to who are speaking on condition of anonymity because that way they can unleash their zingers and not risk getting fired.

No, pretty well all of the sources are named.

It might have been better for some of them to have stayed anonymous!

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DC Area Events - Mom, Kerry, Edwards, Feingold, Warner


1. Mother's Day E Card From

My guess is that your Mother is a progressive Democrat or at least a very intelligent person.  Mother's Day is TODAY Sunday, May 14.  Unless your mother is like Ann Coulter or Barbara Bush, send her this e-card To send a copy of the card to friends and family, just go to:

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What A Slimy Fellow Obama Is

Hey! Don't blame me. I'm [just quoting ttp:// kburn] an article by Alexander Cockburn in the Nation, They Should Have Hissed Barack Obama by Alexander Cockburn:

The war's coming home all right, in the form of people dreadfully wounded in body and spirit. Thousands of tragedies will unwind, often violently, for years to come. But for now, for the most part it's pictures on TV, not tears and terror on the hearth rug. So the Democrats in Congress aren't too worried about pressure from their antiwar constituents.

The awful six-termer Jane Harman faces a primary challenge from Marcy Winograd in Southern California, after a couple of unions defied tradition and endorsed Winograd. Meanwhile, at the other end of the country in Connecticut, Senator Joe Lieberman faced a decidedly cool audience at a big Democratic dinner at the end of March and got bailed out by brother senator Barack Obama from Illinois, who told the crowd to haul out their checkbooks and make sure Lieberman gets returned for another term.

Any friend of Joe Lieberman's is no friend of mine, no friend of the progressive movement and certainly no friend of the anti-war movement. Am I the only one who didn't know that Obama was a Bush lite warmonger?

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