PA-SEN: A stalled campaign

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As this piece from yesterday's Philadelphia Inquirer details, this year's Pennsylvania Senate race appears to have stalled. Casey is running out the clock with a Rose Garden campaign and raising money at a furious pace so he can keep up with Santorum's media buys. Meantime, Santorum is throwing everything he can think of at his challenger - corruption, immigration, the charge that Casey is simply trying to inherit political success from his famous father - in the hopes that something sticks. So far, nothing has, and the incumbent is in the doldrums, with poll numbers that have never risen above the low 40s.

Expect fireworks this Thursday in Pittsburgh, as the candidates meet for the first of three remaining debates. Santorum should make a play to raise the temperature on the comfortable Democratic frontrunner, and we'll have a chance to see whether or not Casey can take the heat. Personally, I expect only the best from Casey - if nothing else, he's shown an amazing ability to stay on message and to respond quickly and effectively to all of Santorum's attacks. It should be good.

Oh, and don't forget -- superstar Illinois Senator Barack Obama does an event with Casey in Pittsburgh this Wednesday.


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Newsweek: Obama in '08?

According to a Newsweek article, a web exclusive by Jonathan Alter, aides put the chances that Senator Barack Obama will fun for President in 2008 at about 50%.
Past speculation has placed the odds a lot lower than that or the possibility of a Vice Presidental slot on the Democratic ticket.  Alter says that the odds seem to be much higher as Obama's rising star gives him the ability to raise the much needed cash to compete with Hilary Rodham Clinton.
This article is timed right on the heels of Obama's newest book, "The Audacity to Hope," that is set to be released October 17.  In the book Obama wrote that the Democratic party is "confused" and "the party of reaction."
Obama book is sure to be a best-seller (I am sure buying one) and help propel him even more as a national figure.  A run at the presidency for Obama is being wished for by many, including me, and could give hope to this country because he is not the typical politician.  He values his beliefs and believes in his values as a guide for the common good.

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Bush Doesn't Want to Screen Terrorist Mail

Senators Criticize Bush Administration's Failure to Monitor Communications of Deadly Terrorists in U.S. Custody

WASHINGTON - In a letter to President Bush, Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) and Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) today said that the Administration's failure to monitor the communications of deadly terrorists already in U.S. captivity calls into question the ability of this Administration to conduct the intelligence operations required to effectively fight terrorism.

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Barack Obama AWOL On Torture

Talking about the America Loves To Torture Act, Digby nails it:

The vote is going to happen and it's going to pass. But I can't help but wonder if the momentum wouldn't have gone the other way if some of the Democrats who constantly exhort the rank and file to be more friendly to religion and values and morals had stood up and said no. Imagine if Barack Obama had staked out a leading position against this legislation making the explicit argument that it is immoral and unamerican to torture. That would have gone farther to demonstrate our respect for religious values than his frequent process talk and scolding could ever do.
Put simply: Barack Obama is a charlatan.  Just as all the "religious right" leaders are. The full extent of their "religion" is to cloak themselves in the label.  The substance of their purported faith is utterly anathema to them.

As I asked in my last diary, "Who Would Jesus Torture?" Barack's answer? "Don't ask. Don't tell."

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Obama at it again...Throws Democrats to the wolves on live TV.

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Today on the Situation Room, self-hating Democrat Sen. Barak Obama was tossed a softball question by Wolf Blitzer.....

BLITZER: And joining us now from Capitol Hill, Senator Barack Obama, Democrat of Illinois.

We'll get to politics, we'll get to some other issues in a moment, Senator. But what about this Republican effort right now to paint not only you, but almost all Democrats as weak on terror? In the words of one House Republican leader, "more interested in protecting terrorists than the American public"?

How are you going to fight back on that?

Did Obama the Great fight back by leading off with words to this effect?

"Wolf, that's just a scurrilous lie to deflect the truth and attention from a party that has no solutions to the problems it has itself caused."


Wolf, The Bush administration has turned Iraq into a haven and training academy for terrorists. If anyone should be answering questions about helping terrorists, it is the president and his advisers."


Wolf, Republican House Majority Leader Boehner and Republican Speaker Hastert know they are about to lose their jobs and are just proving that they will say anything, no matter how ridiculous, to try and hold on to them."

OK....enough teasing. What really were the first and most important words out of the mouth of Obama the Annointed in order to fight back???

SEN. BARACK OBAMA (D), ILLINOIS: Well, first of all, I hope they didn't say it about me personally.....

In fairness, Obama the Demslayer did go on to give a milquetoast talking point response...

This is the usual routine that the Republicans have trotted out before every election. And the question is, is it going to work a third time despite the irrefutable evidence that the policy in Iraq that they pursued has failed, that Afghanistan is getting worse, that every intelligence officer that you talk to and every objective observer that you talk to would indicate that we actually have more active terrorists around the world than we did at the time of 9/11.

But by then the damage had been done (never mind the "the question is, is it going to work" part -- Just say "it isn't going to work", Dummy!)
Who's going to remember all those those big words of his after Obama the Terrible led off by saying, in effect....."Well, first of all, I hope they were saying it about Democrats other than me!"

Slam sham! Thank you again, Obam!

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